Leaked documents reveal military exercises conducted in Argentina during Macri’s government for a possible invasion of Venezuela


Feb 14 2022 15:01 GMT

The exercises called “Puma” were held between April and July 2019, which is precisely the year of the largest US escalation against Caracas.

A set of leaked documents in Argentina revealed the commitment of the government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) to participate in a possible invasion of Venezuela, sponsored by the United States, aimed at overthrowing President Nicolas Maduro.

The Argentine portal published information about this possible attack on Sunday rocket to the moonAfter receiving documents from some military leaders.

According to the media, the Argentine army conducted some military exercises called “Puma”, which… The invasion of Venezuela included, between April and July 2019; Specifically, the year of the largest American escalation against Caracas.

2019 events

It must be remembered that on January 23 of that year, Juan Guaido declared himself “Chief Responsible” Venezuela is recognized by Washington and some governments in the region, including Macri in Argentina.

In February, try to enter ‘humanitarian aid’ from Colombia culminated in the burning of a truck; An action they blamed on the Maduro administration and later proved to be the same opponents.

Already in April, the so-called “Operation Freedom”a coup attempt led by Guaido with the opposition Leopoldo Lopez, who left house arrest that day, a measure celebrated by the Argentine head of state.

“We hope that this will be the decisive moment to restore democracy. The long pain that has led to the suffering and fear of Venezuelans will end and a period of freedom, common sense and growth will begin,” the Argentine president wrote on Twitter. the account.

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According to El Cohete a la Luna, the Puma exercises of the Argentine army were conducted in seven courses and included coordination with units of the Navy and Air Force. These practices were led by General Juan Martin PalioAt the time, he was the commander of the Rapid Deployment Force, and since March 2020, he is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces.

In those Puma exercises, South America was called “Southern Patagonia”, Venezuela is Vulcan The authorities opposing it are NM and JG, i.e. the initials of Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido, respectively.

Colombia, located on the western border of Venezuela, was also baptized as “Ceres”; to Guyana and Suriname, to the southwest of Venezuelan territory, as “Tellus”; to Brazil as “Fibo”; Peru and Ecuador as “Fauno”; Chile as “Juno”; Argentina as “Ares”; Uruguay is known as “Baku”.

The description Palio describes Venezuela, or “Vulcano,” to justify military exercises and a possible invasion, is that there is “the greatest internal turmoil in the region” in that country.

“The government has resorted to its foreign policy with the clear intention of seeking the support of actors outside the region to remain in power. This behavior of ignoring internal complaints and those of major international organizations has resulted in a strong rejection of the application of various sanctions,” he added.

It also says that the internal situation of “Vulcano” is surrounded by the lack of a representative entity of its dual government (North Mediterranean and JG) and an unprecedented humanitarian crisis due to political chaos, lack of services and basic needs such as the supply of electricity, food, water and medicine”; and that “there is a breakdown in Discipline in the armed and security forces” due to deep differences between supporters of the government and those who do not.

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Palio mentions UN Resolution 1918/19 for a “Multinational Temporary Stabilization Force” in Venezuela, which was called MINUSVO.

In this regard, he said that the “President of Ares”, i.e. Macri, with the authorization of the National Congress, “has decided to respond to the request of the United Nations (Decree No. 2005/19 – Troop Participation in Minosvo) to integrate a multinational temporary force with the other countries of southern Patagonia (Fibo and Juno). )”.

The goal of that multinational force, and thus the military exercises, was to “strengthen the sovereignty and integrity of Vulcano, stop all human rights violations and cooperate with broad political consensus to achieve a secure and lasting transition of government.”

It will be the mission of the force led by Paleo Providing security for the operation in VenezuelaEnsure humanitarian corridors. Argentina will be responsible for the ones that will be made along the border with Ceres, ie Colombia.

Security of the G20?

According to El Cohete a la Luna, when the defense authorities installed after the end of the Macri government questioned Palio about Boma’s military exercises, he reported that they were Planning for the security of the G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires.

However, this version does not hold, because the G-20 met on November 30 and December 1, 2018 in the Argentine capital, and Puma was held between April and July 2019.

Later, his version changed to the fact that it was an order from the then Chief of Staff, General Barry Sosa, to plan humanitarian assistance to Venezuela.

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