Leak shows how much streaming companies Ibai, AuronPlay and El Rubius earn per month


CriticalRole, an account on Twitch (with just over 825,000 followers) and YouTube (with 1.38 million followers) from a host of voice actors, has topped the list with earnings of $9,626,712 since August. From 2019 until the beginning of this October. This means that the average income for these 26 months is $370,258 per month, not counting tax payments.

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The best Spanish player in the ranking is Raúl Álvarez Genes, better known as AuronPlay, who is 32 years old and has more than ten million followers on Twitch, 11.8 million on Twitter and more than 28 million on his YouTube channel. AuronPlay, ninth on the list, earned $3,053,341 in 26 months, which is just over $115,000 per month.

Another acquaintance of the Spanish-speaking virtual world is eBay, who can be seen talking very informally with Con Aguero and visiting Lionel Messi at his home or interviewing him exclusively on his arrival at PSG. Ibai Llanos has been adding $231,485 since August 2019, which is roughly $90,000 per month.

While this information has not been confirmed (Twitch admitted to the leak but did not disclose the content), Ibai himself made a mistake during a broadcast that allowed his Twitch followers to monitor the earnings of the live stream.

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The influencer received a message with stats from his channel during a live show. Upon opening the document, it can be seen that between August 27 and September 25, he made a profit of $145,837.83 in subscriptions and donations.

The alleged leaked Twitch document also states that El Rubius earned $1.76 million in two years, while TheGrefg earned $1,286,765.

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