Law No. 24156 will allow the budget to be extended for next year

Explicitly, in Article 27 of which the regulations stipulate that If the general budget is not approved at the beginning of the fiscal year, it may govern the budget that was in effect in the previous year.

In this sense, it is stipulated that the national executive authority, in the budgets of the central administration and decentralized agencies, must make adjustments to the items of resources and expenditure.

Regarding funds, “Resource items that cannot be collected again” will be deleted; “Income from authorized public credits, in the amount in which it has been used”, will be cancelled.

Further, “the surpluses from previous years corresponding to the previous financial year will be excluded, in the event that the budget in progress has been allocated for their use”; Each component of the resource for the new fiscal year will be estimated; It will include “resources from public credit operations in progress, which are expected to be collected during the year.”

On the other hand, the report with regard to expenditures states that “the appropriations in the budget which do not need to be repeated will be canceled because the purposes for which it was envisaged have been achieved”; The “basic budget appropriations for debt servicing and the contributions to be made under obligations arising from the implementation of international treaties” will be included.

Likewise, the text states that “basic budget appropriations for ensuring continuity and efficiency of services” will be included and “objectives and values ​​in physical units of goods and services to be produced by each entity, to resources and budget credits resulting from previous adjustments.”

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The House of Representatives rejected the 2022 draft budget for the executive authority, in the framework of a session that lasted more than 20 hours, with a strong confrontation, where the opposition together for change, contrary to the consensus that this was possible. To build for the Return to Committee initiative, it collected 132 votes to 121 collected by the ruling party and its allies, and one abstained.

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