‘Law is not science’

From the Forensic Medicine Fund and the Bar Association of La Pampa, they celebrated the day that represented them and highlighted their joint work in the face of the crisis.

The La Pampa Forensic Fund and the La Pampa Bar Association have jointly held this work on the occasion of “Lawyer and Lawyer’s Day”. The event was led by Sandra Abdo, Director of the Forensic Medicine Fund. It is from college Susanna Giminiani.

During the ceremony which was also attended by FCEyJ Dean Francisco Marol; Which were implemented with security protocols by Covid-19, Jorge Venuela and Carlos Lorada, Caja members, were honored. In addition, they presented the book “The Normative Summary of Law Practice and Procurement in La Pampa Province”, published jointly with UNLPam’s School of Economics and Legal Sciences.

The joint work recently developed by both institutions, which has increased due to the needs arising from the pandemic, between members and members is also confirmed.

Abdo pointed out that “when the lawyers of Pampian swear and record, one repeats that this profession always strives for the principle of justice. And as Susanna always adds, morality and honesty. Justice, morals and honesty are the behaviors that we must have. In order not to lose that view, we Specifically technically speaking, we are the ones who represent the interests of our clients to achieve justice.”

For his part, Gemignani continued: “We have to start looking at the most vulnerable, the ones I think are the most forgotten. Start educating, or at least culturalizing, the rights that people have, so that they can see their rights, and they are defended. Teach them what obligations we have as citizens. Law is not science. We have to promote justice, and as external operators of the Pampean judicial system, we have to strive for excellence and distinction for me, as part of being better people every day and then better professionals.”

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Work between the two institutions

Teamwork emerges in times of crisis, as institutions have to strengthen and unite. This is already beginning to take shape with the presentation of the book that the Bar Association will hand over to new registrants. It is a compendium of the laws that govern the activity. Because, on the one hand, the professional is registered under a law governing his activity and the Code of Ethics, and on the other hand, he belongs to a pension system in La Pampa,” explained Abdo.

“We believe that it is important for the two institutions to show themselves together from the moment the professional enters the system of practicing the profession in the province. This is what we see in Jurass where we give an overview of professional activity in La Pampa. In turn, each professional will have a unique card identifying him with his professional registration And his affiliated number,” he added.

Giminiani noted, “The summary is the way to give new entrants the first tools to start practicing, and to be able to defend their activity and profession. Moreover, we encourage them to improve day by day, the profession we have chosen is a way of life, and we must continue to work with new challenges on Daily basis. The new card, made of PVC with a QR code, we will use to obtain advantages between the two organizations, with respect to some business or some other possibility that is being realized for professionals.”

“Institutions are strengthened when they work together and set goals, we have to stand in solidarity with each other. When one encounters a problem, the other organization can help him. This pandemic has taught us, and it continues to test us on a lot of things, and it has upset us. We will come out stronger because it will improve human relations.” Mutual, which is what we want, and as I always say, try to follow a goal every day, look at the glass half full and not the glass half empty,” he argued.

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Pandemic and lots of work ahead

Abdo explained, “Having common views is the important thing in teamwork. Listening and taking what helps. The biggest problem we had last year was the days when it was not possible to practice because of various restrictive measures. What Caja Forense did, with professional savings banks The other, is that we have run an agreement with Banco de La Pampa, where the lawyer has become part of the production system.With access to a very useful line of credit, the institutions are guarantor of it.In return, you can have your portfolio in BLP as if you were an agricultural producer. It was scheduled to go out of days without work, and we talked about this matter with the college, because the lawyer does not distinguish where he claims, but does so in its context.”

“Also in the case of Caja Forense, contributions for non-working days have been deducted. When a professional retires he will see what he will do, if he waits a few more months or contributes to the teams. And we can add assistance to those who have suffered the consequences of Covid. Because they passed away sharply and collectively in activity and retired. It was There are also those who suffered the consequences of Covid, which included hospitalization for more than a month with rehabilitation. Therefore, the fund considered implementing something that has already been resolved in cases of significant accidents, with subsidies and cooperation with a lawyer, so that he can return to practice,” he said. commented.

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Gemignani said that “all this work that we do together is precisely the attempt to collaborate from the institutions, putting the best of each one in so that we can work. In the year of the pandemic, we have come to the digital dossier, and practically every La Pampa judge has already been digitized.” We are with some issues that we have to amend with the judiciary, which are being discussed.”

I am convinced that we will pay off. We are all part of a system, and in that system we must communicate with each other, and being able to disagree doesn’t mean we can’t reach common standards that strengthen institutions. The college also worked on amending the tariff law, and we had an old law from 1980, which was old. A committee was formed in which some outside lawyers helped. We brought the bill to the legislature, and the law was enacted in August, which goes into effect in the short term. We have work ahead of us, we re-learn, we reinvent ourselves and keep trying new challenges.”

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