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This week, an American expert in coupon counterfeiting was sentenced to 12 years in prison for causing $31 million in losses to various companies.

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Laurie Ann Talens, 41, “established what could be one of the biggest coupon fraud scams in history” United StateAccording to the prosecutors responsible for the case.

From experience in trade, he “mastered his art” so much that researchers had to turn to “experts to confirm the fake nature” of his works.

Talens Create so-called vouchersFrankensteinBy collecting valid product images, company logos, and barcodes on your computer.

“The only suspicious aspect of their coupons is the amount of the discount.”, equal to or greater than the value of the products, according to the documents.

From 2017 to 2020, Under the alias “Masterchef”, more than 2,000 online customers have been recruited He sold his fake promotional coupons everywhere United Stateand raised nearly $400,000.

Corporate losses were estimated at $31 million.

A coupon “enthusiast” contacted her on the Internet, but alerted the police, who ended her small business.

Her husband, who was responsible for sending the vouchers, was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison.

Discount coupons have a certain weight in United State, where they awakened a passion beyond their economic advantages, through dedicated websites, fan communities and even reality show in 2011.

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