Labor reform will give 700,000 young people decent work in the countryside: Cyprus News Agency

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After the Senate approved the amendment of Article 176 of the Federal Labor Lawwhich will allow young people aged 16-17 to engage in activities in the agri-food sector, head National Agricultural Council (CNA)And the John Cortina GallardoShe emphasized that 700,000 would have the option of working, meaning in the Mexican countryside.

In an interview with Millennium He stressed that the decision is very positive, as it is a topic that has been worked on for a long time and passed through the House of Representatives and was approved in the Senate with all political forces unanimously.

“And it is a positive for the sector. It is a cause that will help our field a lot, because there are 700,000 young people who will now have the choice of decent and well-paid work, with training in compliance with all the teachings of the law. And many of them, in some cases, are people who have not had other opportunities and that is why they go to organized crime, so it’s very good news.”

He explained that among the benefits that will be gained from the changes in the law, if the sector is to continue to grow, it will be increasingly important to have a young workforce, because 90 percent of agriculture in Canada is foreign and 70 percent for farming United State like that.

“In Mexico, the possibilities of getting labor will definitely narrow, which is good for the sector. On the other hand, we will rejuvenate the Mexican countryside, the people who work in this field are currently much older, so we have to be able to attract more young people to be trained. in a modern and active field.

He clarified that although these changes are not directly related to compliance with USMCAbut it is an internal issue for the country, “We in this sector have to comply with all the principles that were negotiated in the agreement, as well as the changes in labor law that have taken place in Mexico, and this is not in doubt. This is an issue that will give Mexican youth an opportunity in this area that they did not have From before “.

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He pointed out that this decision is the right decision, especially in a context where the demand for food continues to grow, so he said it is important for new generations to go to see the field as a sector with opportunities.

He stressed, “It is a success that young people are given the opportunity to participate in agricultural activities, as there are many jobs that they can do without jeopardizing their safety or health.”

He pointed out that Senator Ricardo Monreal He was one of the advocates of the initiative, warning that this flexibility would prevent them from being recruited into organized crime by providing opportunities for social and economic development.

Before that Gallardo curtain He agreed, and asked to come to terms with the fact that many of these young people are indeed parents who need to make a living, but that conditions must also be created to prevent them from seeking income through illicit activities moving forward. “The idea is that they have an opportunity they don’t have today.”

“For CNA, this amendment to the Federal Labor Law is superlative, as it will allow to generate opportunities for young people who live in rural areas and are interested in the generational change in the countryside, without ignoring that, in fact, many young people are already supporting the economy.. are aware engaged in non-risk activities.

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