La Selecta Playera, Beach Soccer Cup Champion

El Salvador took first place in the beach soccer tournament. Review minute by minute as well as the women’s match

third period

0:00 It’s over, El Salvador’s Beach Soccer Cup champion.

0:30 A shot from Mexico, Fausto Aleman, crossed the El Salvadorian crossbar and saved the shirt.

1:14 against El Salvador, a powerful shot by Frank Velasquez and Echeverria caps to keep Mexico in the match.

2:16 Elmer Robles with an easy free kick for the Mexican goalkeeper.

4:00 GOOOLLL by Cesar Rivera from the box. La Selecta already won 3-2.

4:00 A penalty kick for El Salvador was not. There is never a shortage of Echeverría nationally.

4:44 Chile’s Emerson Serna is widening.

5:30 A massive shot from Cerna covers the Aztec goal. All went well to close the space.

5:52 A mistake in the national attack, and Elio Portillo hits a powerful shot from a corner kick.

7:00 Christopher Castillo, of Mexico tried, but he shot away.

9:30 GOOOOLLLAZOOOO by Rivera from a long distance, shot hit the post 2-2.

10:35 Heber Ramos almost surprised goalkeeper Echeverría, who managed to recover and convert it into a corner kick.

11:20 Shot from Mexico under the control of Elio Portillo.

11:30 Rivera’s easy shot for the Aztec goalkeeper.

12:00 Take off El Salvador, looking for a return and a title.

Photo HRE / Jonatan Funes

second period

0:01 Robles’ header was close to scoring.

0:48 A free kick was taken by Melvin Quinteros, which was hit by Mexican goalkeeper Echeverria for a corner kick.

2:48 Chile’s Emerson Serna passes the ball again and hits the Mexican post.

4:02 Heber Ramos saved it, and he does not want to drop the other goal of Selecta against Mexico.

6:27 Cross shot opens wide. Selecta continues to come against Mexico who knew how to make the most of what they had.

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11:30 Against the attack and Christopher Castillo puts 2-1 in favor of Mexico against Selecta At the beginning of the second half

12:00 The second round begins. Mexico moves the ball.

Selecta Cuscatleca fights against Mexico. Rivera (6) Record 2-2 Photo EDH / Jonatan Funes

The first period

0:00 The first attack ended, one by one, but it was better than the Mexican team, who scored a goal and free throws.

0:50 A long-range shot from Cruz made the Aztec goalkeeper almost a complication.

1:53 A left-footed, almost angled shot from Frank Velasquez that goalkeeper Echeverría rejected.

2:09 GOOOOOLLLL By Exon Perdomo, the Salvadorans tied with a penalty kick.

2:45 A Heber Ramos free kick hits the Aztec goalkeeper with a corner kick.

3:59: Cesar Rivera’s free kick is given a salute from Mexico.

4:35 Goalkeeper Echeverria diverts a violent shot from Perdomo. Mexico was saved again.

4:58 False in Mexico’s favour, but the charge was turned over.

5:19 A shot from Heber Ramos passed close to the trio’s goal.

Robles’ 7:50 shot, which barely distracted the Aztec goalkeeper Echeverria, hit the crossbar before taking a corner kick.

10:11 Mexico’s goal, Christopher surprises with a header.

11:30 An easy shot from Frank Velasquez to goalkeeper Echeverria.

At 12:00, the match between El Salvador and Mexico began.

Game details:

Everything is ready for the title match between El Salvador and Mexico for the 2022 El Salvador Beach Soccer Cup. The Salvadoran side will start with Elio Portillo in goal, with Heber Ramos, Exon Perdomo, Elmer Robles and Frank Velasquez as field players.

On the Mexican side, the trio starts with Echeverría at the door, followed by Salomón, Cristopher, Fausto and José David.

If he wins the Selecta Playera, he will be crowned in that event and will be his first title in a tournament held in the country.

The women’s team said goodbye to the USA defeat, see minute by minute here.

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Third period:

0:00 It’s over, the United States beat El Salvador 3-1 to win the 2022 El Salvador Beach Soccer Cup.

0:32 Maravella’s shot was rejected by the US goalkeeper.

2:30 El Salvador continues to try but no longer goes deeper.

5:15 Leslie heads without a mark and scores third for the United States.

9:01 Quigley’s powerful shot beat the goal, and the United States advanced 2-1

10:50 Yajira Maravilla deflects a shot from the US who were looking for the net.

12:00 The last attack began.


2:20 Shot by Gonzalez as it passes near the American crossbar, which is no longer.

2:47 The publication is saving the United States once again.

3:56 Free kick for El Salvador. GOOOOOOOOOLLLL from El Salvador, tied for by Fatma Vázquez.

Fatma Vazquez celebrates her goal against the United States. Photo HRE / Jonatan Funes

4:30 Massive shot from Irma Cordero passing in front of the US booth.

6:17 The female chosen one keeps coming but without much clarity sometimes gets desperate and makes mistakes. The United States is in danger but in free throws for fouls received, otherwise no.

11:10 A free kick by Fatma Vazquez hits the post.

First time:

0:00 The first half tied, but the United States won 1-0.

2:15 A shot from Salvadoran goalkeeper Maravilla passed past the post.

5:29 The bar saves the United States with a sweeping shot by Fatma Vazquez.

Many errors from both teams, especially from the national teams, after leaving the first half of the quarter.

6:30 The Women’s Selecta tries to match the measures, but the guard Yount stops everything he throws at her.

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11:50 America’s surprises With a cross pass from Alexandria Hall, which puts the first seconds after the start of the match

At 12:00 the match begins on the Costa del Sol

After a victory over the Bahamas and a painful fall to Argentina, the El Salvador women’s beach soccer team, in the Beach Soccer Cup, in the Costa del Sol, bid farewell to the event leader, the United States, who won twice in one match. row in the tournament.

The women’s team Selecta, which has not played a tournament since the one in the country a few years ago at Cifco, which has been completely revamped, rose 1-6 against Argentina on Friday night to raise the game to 6-6 in the last period, but a mistake, a penalty in The last minute, gave Albiceleste a chance to win and that was, 7-6 that left Selecta with the need to beat the favorites to win the championship, tonight. .

For the match, the main objective is to show up, set foot, generate good football, as they have done in previous matches and, if possible, win over Cuscatleca fans, who these days have enjoyed on the beach. Intense football matches.

The girls directed by Elias Ramirez come out with Yajira Maravilla in the goal, and with Marisa Gonzalez, Irma Cordero, Fatma Gonzalez and Fatima Perez in the starting lineup, which differs from what was presented to Argentina. Yamelith Roscala, Yaritza Duran, Ismenia Velasco, Emelith Guevara and Beatriz Argomedo are all awaiting their turn.

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