La Palma volcano: ‘Miracle House’ finally succumbed to lava | It was surrounded by magma for 10 days

Since it broke out 10 days ago, it has been Cumber Vega volcanoIn La Palma, she was destroying everything in her path. however, There was an idyllic home for one family in the El Paraíso area, It is isolated by the bottom of the lava, which is why it is called The House of Miracles.

In the middle of a destroyed panorama, the image of the existing house – taken by photographer Alfonso Escalero, coordinator of the audiovisual production company I love the world-, It was a symbol of resistance and hope, so it went viral and toured the world. however, On Wednesday he learned that the house had finally succumbed to the onslaught of volcanic magma.

They confirm that the House of Hope no longer exists. It joins the multiple houses that lie under the volcano’s cover. We will look for another sign that will not make us lose hope in these difficult days for everyone,” they wrote I love the world on your Facebook account.

The image of the existing house was taken by photographer Alfonso Escalero, coordinator of the audiovisual production company.

According to information from local media, The owners of the symbolic property are Inge and Rainer Cook, a retired Danish couple who were lucky enough not to be home at the time of the explosion, but were devastated by what happened.

Cocqs used to spend long periods at home, but They have not returned to the island since the beginning of the epidemic.

What was the “House of Miracles” like?

The Danish couple bought the farm 30 years ago, where they built a typical canary country house, the project they dreamed of spending their retirement years after working for life.

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It was 45 square meters among more than 3000 square meters of vineyards and gardens Which is now buried under the lava of the volcano.

Ironically, one of the attractions that brought Inge and Rainer to La Palma was the magnificent volcanic landscapeThey have a common obsession since they were kids. They even considered retiring to a house in Hawaii, also surrounded by volcanoes, but they chose the Canary Islands to be closer to their home country.

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