La Nación / With the track “Los Hongos”, they seek to enhance connection with nature

With the groundbreaking ceremony, the long-awaited work has recently started on the Costanera de Hernandarias neighborhood garden, which is expected to become the new family meeting point of the area, which will be located in the sector known as Laguito, in Avda. Canadá, it is bordered to the east by Itaipu Binacional Airport, Right Bank, and to the north by Itaipu Lake.

The work will be implemented and financed by Itaipu Binacional, through its Directorate of Executive Coordination. The project is in line with the existing master plan of Costanera Hernandarias, which is part of the first phase of the works for the provision of recreational infrastructure. gravity.

After laying the foundation stone, those in charge of the project informed the residents of the work plans, which include the construction of a new sports track for walking and jogging around Laguito, with a length of 585 meters and a width of 4 meters. , it will be built with a hard, non-slip surface and ergonomic curves intended to take advantage of the landscape characteristics of the area.

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Those responsible for the garden works of the Costanera de Hernandarias neighborhood showed the plans to the residents of the area. Image courtesy.

The business is also considering the construction of a control block to enhance site security, an access path, as well as gender-specific restrooms and changing rooms with accessible bins for people with disabilities. Along the sports track, 6 resting areas will be located.

A children’s play area of ​​1,500 square meters is also planned, with age-categorized sub-spaces and an inclusive area for children with disabilities. On the other hand, with the intention of providing space for the users of the gastronomic street of Avda, Canada, 10 resting areas are thought out with 3 double benches and trash cans in each.

During the act, the Executive Coordination Director of Binacional, Gustavo Ovelar, confirmed that with the new proposal to the residents of Hernandario, the promise of a request and desire to have the neighborhood park in District 6 is fulfilled. The residents were eager to work, expressing gratitude and highlighting the investment.

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