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Since 2017 Remote or remote technical assistance for family farming producers is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) Through the Directorate of Agricultural Extension, Through the Agroayuda ñemu applicationIt was developed by the Ministry of Technology and Communications (Mitic).

They indicated that the platform Designed for technical assistance to MAG registered agricultural producersSo are the general public. They noted that MAG is implementing this method, with initial support from the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA), With the aim of expanding the coverage of technical assistance provided by the Foundation to families producing a segment of family farming, and to enhance direct technical assistance carried out by the Foundation’s field technicians throughout the country.

They explained it This tool allows you to make inquiries through smartphones about agricultural and livestock production and get advice remotelyin addition to interacting in an agile way in the form of written messages accompanied by pictures, providing a list of general inquiries by topic and recording individual queries in a repository that acts as a library that is updated by users.

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“Agroayuda ñemu”, created for mobile devices or smartphones, It has zero cost to agricultural producers. It is downloaded for free from the Play Store and is an app that, due to its size, does not take up much space. They mentioned that to use it an internet connection is required and Through it you can make inquiries and receive responses from MAG technicians anywhere in the country.

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They mentioned it The agricultural producer wishing to use the application must complete some mandatory fields or sections Such as names, surnames, ID number, phone number, company, region, and department. You can even specify your own geolocation. After recording the data, You can send inquiries as many times as you want from wherever you arewhich can be the same farm or rural project location.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and is an app that does not take up much space due to its size. Image courtesy.

to answer questionsMAG has set up an office in the Agricultural Extension Directorate, located in the city of San Lorenzo, called “Product Service Center”, which is responsible for receiving inquiries, and They are the same designated agricultural technicians who reach out to inquiries and respond promptly.

If more complex inquiries are recorded, interprofessional consultations are conducted with other colleagues from the same DEA officethrough the same application or, where appropriate, professional competition is used for specialists from other institutions specializing in plant health, research, forestry, ecology, and even leaders of international cooperation such as IICA, among others.

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In addition to the technical assistance component “Agroayuda ñemu” It includes other important topics such as financial education, public procurement and soon the element of commerce, which will be used for commercial transactions between producers and traders regarding agricultural products from rural farms.

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