La Nación/Portuguese technicians visited Paraguay to enhance experiences in gastronomic and religious tourism

From the National Secretariat of Tourism (Senator) they reported that a delegation of Portuguese technicians is visiting our country in the context of promoting experiences related to food and religious tourism. Joao Perez, an expert in tourism, visited many religious sites and made some recommendations for their improvement.

Within the framework of technical cooperation between Paraguay and Portugal to develop expertise in the field of gastronomic and religious tourism, from September 12 to 15, technicians from the Portuguese Ministry of Tourism Sandra Simos, Felipe Carvalho and Joao Michaelo visited our country. The experts began their tour with a visit to the sugarcane road in the historical city of Peribiboi, where they discovered sugar cane fields.

At the end of the first day, they visited La Quinta, the pioneer in rural tourism in Paraguay, to culminate in the Cheese Tour, which is a unique gastronomic tourism experience. For the second day, technicians toured the city of Yegros of the Kazapa Department.

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The technicians of the European country visited many religious tourist sites and tasted food in the country. Picture courtesy.

In the city known as the “capital of wines” they were able to taste artisanal alcoholic drinks and desserts, and learned about the process of making fruit drinks with the idea of ​​working on complementary activities to produce this drink. Based on the experiences in Portugal, they made suggestions and appreciation to follow some lines of action.

The tour continued with some gastronomic establishments in Itapua province, where they visited the most famous Siberian species and were able to get acquainted with the traditions of our country. At the place, visitors were able to be a part of Sheba Abu and prepare traditional Paraguayan food with their own hands.

Day three for European visitors began in Bella Vista, at the Mate Róga Tourist Information Center, and from there they headed to Yerba Mate Pajarito, where they took a guided tour of the processing plant and the museum it maintains. family inheritance.

Religious tourism expert from the Portuguese Ministry of Tourism, Joao Perez, made the tour with the aim of finding out what actions the tourism portfolio is promoting in order to leave suggestions on how to improve them.

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