La Nación / Incoop extends an additional 90 days of intervention for the San Cristobal Cooperative

The National Institute of Cooperatives (Incoop) has decided to extend the intervention to the San Cristóbal Cooperative for another 90 days, according to Pedro Lublin, head of the regulatory entity. The solidarity entity intervened on suspicion of irregular operations linked to its former president, former deputy Juan Carlos Osorio.

“This was planned for later because we already knew he wouldn’t give us the initial deadline, with all the work to be done there. The deadline was until June 3, and we have 20 days before that to call a meeting or extend the extension. The decision we’re extending has already emerged. for another 90 days,” he explained in conversations with 1080 AM Radio.

The head of Incoop clarified that it was still too early to talk about other irregularities found in the cooperative, and confirmed that all the details would be in the final document that is now being prepared. He added, “Our main goal in the first 40 days was to stabilize the cooperative, and to make it work properly, something that was achieved, so the entity is operating normally today.”

He pointed out that the second phase has now begun, in which external auditors have been appointed and the audit of previous years is already underway, including a very comprehensive analysis of management, and its results will be included in the final report, which will be delivered at the assembly.

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Lublin explained that the extension was granted, in the first part, to better deepen the investigation of everything that could have happened there, and on the other hand for administrative reorganization. We have already found an administrative mess and this in practice requires a lot of work, in addition to the accounting part. There is a lot to do, which is why it was decided to extend the deadline,” he commented.

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On March 3, San Cristobal moved from mass inspection to intervention. From there, management is responsible for the auditors of the National Institute of Cooperatives.

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On the other hand, on March 8, 2022, the inspection process by the National Institute of Cooperatives in Capiatá Ltda also began. Cooperative, where they made clear through a statement to partners and citizens in general the said control. It was in order to provide peace of mind and transparency.

Incoop emphasized that it was not an interference, but they deemed it necessary to control it.

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