La Nación/Formosa seeks to generate reciprocal business and harness the potential of forests

Under Secretary of Economic Development for the Province of Formosa, Horacio Cosenza, encouraged Entrepreneurs in the timber sector in the said region, to co-create mutual export business, In addition to working together to learn more about the timber sector and the potential of forests in the region through the exchange of knowledge.

“We invite the entire wood sector, for the business sector, for the rooms, to take part in the Expo Madeira that will take place from June 23 to 25 in Paraguay, which It is very interesting, above all because we have something in common, namely the development and use of woodvia Cosenza.

He said it after presenting the fourth edition of Expo Madeira 2023 Paraguay, in the city of Formosa, Argentine Republic, where The executives of the Paraguayan Lumberjack Federation attended (FEPAMA) which organizes the fair, together with CEDIAL Business & Meetings, whose presence in the neighboring country was possible with Support the diplomatic corps accredited in that place.

The activity started with a meeting held in the offices of the Formosa Business Development Agency (ADE), with the participation of its authorities and members, where Fepama President Raul Legal explained to the business that the goal is to share technology knowledge, as well as to engage advocates of the field. From the aforementioned Argentine province, either in person or through virtual talks that will take place during the exhibition.

Horacio Cosenza, Deputy Minister of Economic Development for the Province of Formosa. Image courtesy

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Thus, the aim of the fourth wood and furniture fair is business generation, taking into account the transition and use of other types of raw materials, Not only in terms of native woods, but also components such as veneer and melamine.

The idea is Participate and give you our work regarding design. Formosa has been carrying out this annual fair for many years and has a relationship with Development is not only in the sector itself, but also the application of the design,” Formosa Undersecretary for Economic Development added.

In this sense, he announced that he would work jointly with Paraguay for this They created a work schedule so the local sector could learn more about what Formosa doesand they, in turn, for the national timber production.

Cosenza had already predicted it They are evaluating the possibility of a group of businessmen from Formosa coming to the eventSince the meeting was attended by the President of the Formosa Industrial Confederation, who will extend the invitation to its partners.

At the same time, he added that Formosa has exportable products to show Asuncion and ParaguayFrom there ‘why not think of mutual export business that can be done. We are towards Paraguay and Paraguay is towards us“, pointed out.

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Expo Madeira Paraguay will be held from June 23 to 25 this year at the Mariscal Convention Center. Archives
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