La Jornada – They demand justice for Assange in front of the British Embassy in Mexico

Mexico City. Defending Julian Assange is a defense of press freedom, warning protesters of the British Home Office’s decision to extradite the journalist and founder of WikiLeaks to the United States.

Julian is in dire need of medical care, and he has also been deprived. He doesn’t see his lawyer often; He is completely helpless.

He is a political prisoner. We cannot allow him to be silenced and silenced before our very eyes. “We are witnessing a slow-motion killing against the life of an innocent human,” said Edith Cabrera of the group #24F Julian Assange Life and Liberty Coalition.

On Saturday afternoon, a group of people demonstrated outside the UK Embassy in Mexico, located in Paseo de la Reforma, a few steps from the Angel of Independence and also near the US Embassy, ​​where they then continued with a vigil.

They were wearing yellow jackets and placards reading: “Julian Assange, heroic humanitarian journalist. Revolutionary journalism champion of truth. Mexico is always with you. No to extradition. Justice, free Julian”

Edith Cabrera noted that the UK’s decision was disturbing but not surprising, as all of its decisions were in favor of the United States.

It is a direct and direct attack on press freedom and democracy and against each and every one of us. We are on the edge of the abyss with regard to the right of expression.

– Why in Mexico and we Mexicans should care about the issue?

Because freedom of expression is a human right, it is a right that knows no boundaries and we are all concerned. As we say: Julian’s freedom is the freedom of the press, and Julian’s freedom is our freedom. We must not allow these attacks by totalitarian governments that call themselves democratic.

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Assange, who has been in prison since 2019, after being removed from the Ecuadorean embassy in London, has 14 days to appeal the decision by British Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Washington alleges and accuses him of leaking documents in 2010 and 2011 and violating the Espionage Act by revealing files related to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and others.

Assange has always maintained that these are documents of the public interest.

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