La Jornada – Mexico and Canada are organizing a hillside exhibition at the Museum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Convinced of the need to seek alternative ways of representing the diversity of contemporary art in order to forge new exchanges between creative communities, cultural spaces and audiences, an artist from Mexico and Canada developed the Tlali Project; The Cultivated Land Path, the first part of which is on display in the Chancellery Museum.

The exhibition presents three solo shows but in dialogue: Ethnic Pareidolias by Mexican artist Gabriel Mestre Arrioja, curated by Jorge Reynoso Pohlenz; Salted Edges Painting curated by Antonio Ottone; And all directions for the Argentine Vicente Grondona hosted by Rafael Torrez.

“At a time when concepts such as territory and identity become more complex and expansive, we are trying to make the relationship between artists and curators an exchange, that extends to the venues for works being presented, with the hope that this dialogue is about the diversity of current creative expressions and extends to visitors to exhibitions,” commented Renoso Bohlens.

The State Department Museum will be the first venue for this multicultural project that will bring together a series of live, face-to-face and virtual exhibitions in different parts of the world in the coming years, with a wide international participation that includes the work of artists of different nationalities.

Among the shortlisted participants: Janet Pilotto, a Toronto native who practices sculpture, installation, photography, video, and performance, and focuses on the use of spaces beyond gallery walls; Vicente Grondona (Buenos Aires, 1977), painter, illustrator and sculptor; Gabriel Mestre Areuga, multidisciplinary artist and independent curator, has focused his projects on a critical exploration of the relationships between the local and the global, mainly in Scandinavia, the Nordic countries (including Iceland), the Baltic states, Poland and Russia, as well as the Norwegian Sea and the socio-cultural strip known as Sapmi, namely An area of ​​the European Arctic Circle where the indigenous Sami tribes live.

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In the curatorial part, we find Rafael Torrez (Jalapa, 1983), also essayist and cultural critic; Antonio Ottone (Mexico City, 1970), professor at the College of Art in the United Arab Emirates and at the Morelins Art Center; and Reinoso Bohlens (Mexico City, 1974), dedicated to staging and antiques.

The Hills Path of Cultivated Land exhibition concludes on November 19. It is served in Room 2 of the Museum of the Chancellery (República de El Salvador 47, Historic Center), from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm. free entry.

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