La Coma will shoot a short sci-fi movie in Ciudad de las Ciencias

La Coma will shoot a short sci-fi movie in Ciudad de las CienciasAAVV interval

The City of Arts and Sciences (Cacsa) will soon be a movie set again. The scene of American blockbusters such as Tomorrowland or the West World series will host a science fiction short-form production Young people from the “Julia” Center for Social and Labor Inclusion in the La Coma neighborhood of Paterna.

For this reason, the Jóvenes de la Coma team, which runs the Employment Training Center, accompanied by the AVV district representative, Juan Cristobal Cantro, met with the Cacsa director, Antonio Torres, who gave them permission to use the facilities, by signing a collaboration agreement.

The project was launched two months ago as a training activity Conducted at the Julia Center for Social and Labor Inclusion. The aforementioned audiovisual project arose out of the need to give a voice and highlight the difficult situation children and young people are going through in the unprotected urban areas of Paterna.

The short film “Science Fiction” About a group of people who will be chosen by the space agency to travel to Mars. Coincidentally, the City of Arts and Sciences has put on an exhibition dedicated to the Red Planet, which is why the Julia Center has raised the possibility of contacting the people responsible for said exhibition in order to request a license to be able to film in their facilities.

On the other hand, the association was raised Possibility of displaying audio-visual materials once completed in one of the pavilions dedicated to Mars, “Because it will give us a space to give voice and visibility to the youth of La Coma.” Given this proposal, Antonio Torres was careful It states that the City of Arts and Sciences “must ensure quality standards for what is shown.” However, Leave open the possibility of dropping it.

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A bridge between two social realities

The Coma neighborhood is an urban nucleus located on the outskirts of Valencia, whose social reality is considered one of the most difficult in Valencian society, with A high percentage of the population is in a clear position of poverty And with attempts at crime, he made this neighborhood a place hostile to the proper development of adolescence and childhood.

A completely different reality from the more modern and “rich” area of ​​Valencia where the City of Arts and Sciences is located, a wonderful building that hosts wonderful exhibitions that promote knowledge. From the La Coma group, they want to emphasize this This agreement reflects the contrast of a large cultural offering such as Cacsa, with the need for critical and structural intervention in a neighborhood such as La Coma.

“maybe, It is infinitely easier for society to construct symbolic buildings than to come up with fundamental solutions that put an end to the causes impoverishing an ever-widening part of our society. In the meantime, the fact that the City of Arts and Sciences opens its doors to social initiatives is a good way to build a bridge towards encounter and networking,” they point out from AAVV La Coma.

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