L-Gante had an out-of-control night in Spain: the videos and photos of his departure

This is how L-Gante filmed part of his undisciplined night in Valencia. (Photo: Instagram/lgante_keloke).

L-Ghent He was in Europe for a few weeks as part of his work World tour for performances. In addition to fulfilling his work commitments, the Cumbia 420 singer enjoys various tourist spots and in the past few hours has shown his Undisciplined presence at a bowling alley in Valencia, Spain.

On his Instragam Stories, the former of Tamara Bays Share with his followers how he went through disco from the old continent. Among the many controversial photos and videos, one was taken Personal Photos sincere in which he is seen dancing Very close to the place meadows He also brought up the drinks he had with his team.

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As can be seen in their nets, in the bowling alley Celebrate his birthday from a colleague and friend, DJ King. In this context, in addition to Sing live on stagehe recorded some episodes that ended with filming his early morning departure from Valencia: meeting with friends, dancing around. champagne bottlescelebrations and a Possible new love affair with a dancer.

L-Gante and his early morning at a bowling alley in Valencia, Spain. (Photo: Instagram/lgante_keloke).

These days, the singer has shared on his personal Instagram account several moments from his tour of cities in Europe. Have you been watching our tour? We are tired but this is amazing. I feel as if two months have passed but only 12 days,” he said in the last few hours, referring to his time in nothing more, nothing less than destinations like Amsterdamlondon, ParisAnd Berlin, Malaga, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

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L-Gante showed off his luxury residence in Spain: $70,000 champagne, the best view of the city and his “high bath.”

After being stranded at an airport in Germany, the musician managed to get to another European country where one of his performances was to take place. “Stop, pigeon buddy, I’m going to take a second pictureHe expressed on one of his Instagram stories where he chronicled one of the rooms of the exclusive place.

L-Gante revealed some details of the luxury hotel he chose to stay in Spain during his show tour. (Photo: Instagram/lgante_keloke).

Arriving at the hotel they had booked to rest in Valencia, L-Ghent showed how they received itThey were waiting for him at one of the hotel windows Two bottles of very expensive champagne. According to some websites that sell drinks, it has a value that exceeds 70,000 pesos each. “This is the rich The ex said to Tamara Bays as he showed the gift they gave him.

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In addition, the creator of the Cumbia 420 revealed the amazing view it enjoys from its dwelling towards it One of the tallest skyscrapers in that Spanish city. In other versions, he was amazed at the luxury of the bathroom at the place and took a picture in front of a mirror. “I will take a picture for youHe said, pointing with his hand.

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