Kumbia Kings is making a biographical film; Scenes of the movie in Mexico

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Pandemic, besides being a “break” cumbia kingsHaving performed over 200 concerts between 2018 and 2019, it was a “space for creativity”, allowing them to spark “a combo, a book about the history of the band that led to the songs, a film for which we recorded scenes in Monterrey and Mexico City and a musical” , joint Cruz Martinez In an interview with Millennium.

“The Kumbia Kings pandemic was a break where we were able to get our bodies and minds back, but it also allowed us to focus on creating new music. I finished writing a book on the history of the group. The title is Behind the Crown, The Story of the Kings of Cumbia, which helped me organize a new music release, plus the book has already started making a movie, and we’re in the process of making a musical about the book. So the pandemic has helped me a lot to rest, but also to create the versions we are preparing. It would be a great combination,” the musician highlighted.

according to plans Martinez The idea is to gradually introduce products derived from the book he began writing in 2012.

“I started the book in 2012 and it deals with exactly everything that happened in the lives of the Kumbia Kings, the songs and anecdotes about how the songs were written; I wanted to make it as authentic as possible, highlighting the testimonials of characters and items that were important to the groupnot only the talent, but also the directors of the record company, entrepreneurs, everyone with different experiences and their views so that the book is as original as possible. ”

In addition, he emphasized that the visual element would be an important part of the shooting, so “We’ve already started shooting different scenes at our parties, we did it in Monterey. And now that we are at the Arena Ciudad de México, we want the people who have always supported us and come to our concerts to be part of the film.”

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Although he commented that they would begin offering the narrative “with two musical themes, because the film is hardly ever made and The musical will come later.”

We open the door to urban music

Commenting on what he attributes to the permanence of audience taste, Cruz confirmed, “We were blessed, because suddenly urban artists arrive and take my hand and say to me: Maestro Cruz, you opened the door for us, and I didn’t. I don’t see things like that, but these comments make you turn around and see.” All I have achieved.And they repeat to me that the music being heard is that made 15 or 20 years ago, those fusions of cumbia with electronics or mariachi with cumbia or with reggaeton; those collaborations with Juan Gabriel, The Untouchable, Belinda, Thalia, The Great Silence, which allowed us to be in all sorts of genres and that’s a blessing, it’s a formula we’ve applied a lot and yes, in a certain way we open doors for many groups. For example, ‘Dulce Niña’ is a mariachi arrangement with Reggaeton, and that was 15 or 20 years ago and it works now.”

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schedule of work

On the tour they are executing, they reflect on their presentation in the United States, Central America, Argentina and Chile.

Next weekend, they’re back in our country to bring their music to the Metepec and Tlaxcala plays.


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