Kristalina Georgieva continues leadership of the IMF: What does the statement say that confirms its continuity

Managing Director of International Monetary FundAnd Kristalina Georgieva, achieve a Principal Agency Board Approval NS stay in the office After investigation for being accused of favoring China. The Bulgarian economist received the support of the US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, who asserted thatThere is no basis for leadership change at the IMF“.

The approval of the Board of Directors came only on the day it was made annual gathering Agency in Washington. Also hours before Georgieva received the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, to continue to negotiate the refinancing 45,000 million dollars from Argentina She contracted with the agency during the government of Mauricio Macri.

Guide International Monetary Fund He noted in a statement that There was no evidenceImproper roleBy Georgieva when she was a senior government employee in world bank He reiterated Georgieva’s “full confidence in the leadership and ability of the IMF.”

“The Board of Directors considered that the information provided during its review did not conclusively establish that the Director General played an inappropriate role in relation to the report. Doing Business 2018 When she was the CEO of the World Bank,” he highlighted the statement released tonight.

Doing Business, the report that put Georgieva’s leadership at risk

The relief came after an investigation by a specialized company hired by the World Bank claimed that Georgieva, when he was CEO of that body in 2017, applied “undue pressureAbout your employees Modify data in the order of doing business –a List of competitiveness of countries to do business– with a goal Raising China from 85th to 78th in the global ranking So you benefit from it.

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Although he retained his position, specialized media such as the Financial Times warned that credibility From Georgieva will be seen damaged in possible future decisions, especially those related to China.

“After reviewing all the evidence presented, the Board of Directors reaffirms its full confidence in the leadership and ability of the Director General to continue to perform its duties effectively. The Board is confident in the Director General’s commitment to Maintaining the highest standards of governance and integrity at the IMF“, pointed out.

US support

US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, showed his support for Georgieva’s continuity at the head of the International Monetary Fund, although he indicated that it is a report “Raised legitimate issues and concerns“.

“Treasury, in line with other members of the IMF board, is of the view that in the absence of more direct evidence regarding the role of the Managing Director, There is no basis for changing the leadership of the IMFYellen confirmed in a statement.

In this regard, the Minister stated that her priority was to preserve “the integrity and credibility of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund” and that, for this reason, it was necessary for the Board of Directors to “implement the Comprehensive, fair and timely reviewFrom the conclusions WilmerhillThe group of lawyers who investigated and prepared the report.

Yellen and Georgieva had an interview in which the US official reported that she was “committed to working” with her foreign counterparts “to ensure that the Fund continues its critical and necessary work” while the world continues to recover from the pandemic.

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