Kremlin leak indicates Putin’s support for Trump campaign | According to a document obtained by the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

British newspaper investigation Watchman Expose the espionage plot commissioned by Russian President Vladimir Putin Support the 2016 nomination of Republican Donald TrumpThe Kremlin considered him “mentally unstable”.

At a closed meeting of the Russian National Security Council, Putin authorized a secret spying operation. According to the document nº 32-04 egThe meeting took place on January 22, 2016, and was attended by the president, intelligence chiefs, and other senior officials.

Thursday morning revealed their agreement that the Trump-run White House would help secure Moscow’s strategic goals, including “social disruption” in the United States and weakening the US president’s negotiating position. Watchman. At the time, in early 2016, Trump was already the favorite within the Republican Party. A report by the Putin think tank recommended that Moscow use “all possible force” Ensuring the victory of the American billionaire.

“It is understood that Western intelligence agencies have known about the documents for several months and have carefully examined them,” British media said, describing the leak as “very unusual from within the Kremlin”. According to experts consulted by the newspaper, the documents appear to be original, “the tone and idea in general conform to the Kremlin’s security thinking.”

consultation Watchman, The Presidential spokesman Dmitry PeskovHe said the idea of ​​Russian leaders meeting to agree to support Trump in early 2016 was “a very cheap fantasy.”

The leaked document also includes a file Trump’s Brief Psychological Assessment. The Kremlin’s description sums it up as follows: An impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual suffers from an inferiority complex. In addition, the report refers to materials that could endanger the future president of the United States, which were obtained during “unofficial visits by Trump to the territory of the Russian Federation.”

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Trump’s arrival at the White House “will certainly destabilize the social and political system in the United States,” predicts the text dated January 22, 2016. The author of the leaked text is Vladimir Simonenko, a senior official in the Department of Experts in the Kremlin, which aims to provide the President of Russia with reports and analytical materials, some of which are based on foreign intelligence. A few days ago, on January 14, Simonenko released a three-page executive summary that includes conclusions and recommendations from his team.

While the document does not name Hillary Clinton, Trump’s 2016 election rival, it does refer to the use of media resources to undermine key political figures in the United States. After the January 22 meeting, Putin issued a decree establishing a new, secret inter-ministerial commission to define the goals specified in the “special part” of the document. nº 32-04 eg.

Weeks after the Security Council meeting, hackers from the GRU (the military intelligence service of the Russian armed forces) interrupted the servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and then Post thousands of private emails In an attempt to undermine Clinton’s election campaign. According to the newspaper, Trump did not respond to a request for comment following the new revelations.

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