Konami talks about why eFootball 2022 failed and claims to take criticism seriously

The veteran soccer series is preparing for version 1.0 of the new PES game on the 14th of next April.

We all remember catastrophic launch the new eFootball 2022, the newest part of PES, Konami’s veteran soccer franchise, which adopted the free-to-play model in an ambitious project that was not successful. The result was that One of the worst rated games ever and the promise Improvements for the future.

Changing the engine, adapting to next generation and impossible deadlinesThe time has come and it has a history of eFootball 2022 already version 1.0And It is presented along with extensive gameplay. We quoted Konami from Next April 14 To receive the update that promises to fix some of the issues the company noted in a statement it shared VGC. The game’s lack of Polish language and the consequent problems were caused by several factors, including Moving to the new engine and compatibility with Next generation devicesAs explained by the company’s spokesperson.

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change to Free to play model s The deadlines For eFootball 2022, they would also have played a crucial role. Konami explained, “The game has received heavy criticism for its quality. However, since the launch of eFootball in September, we have prioritized improvements and fixes based on the feedback and feedback we have received.”

Konami had a “strong desire” to release the game as quickly as possible“we Take opinions seriously From our players,” Konami noted, “we will continue to work on game improvements, and as always, we greatly appreciate valuable feedback from players. Regarding the state in which the game arrived in September, a Konami spokesperson admitted that the company hadA strong desire“To start the game as quickly as possible. If you want to know more about the eFootball update, remember that at 3DJuegos we tell you if This version is 1.0.0. Finally living up to the legacy of PES.

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