Konami launches website to celebrate Metal Gear’s 35th anniversary: ​​new announcement on the horizon?

first game long story metal equipment It was published in Japan on July 13, 1987, which means that in a few months you will be celebrating it Thirty-fifth Anniversary. Konami He remembered this very special date and fired a web page Where, at present, we can only see the iconic exclamation mark accompanied by “35”, a design that could serve to celebrate this anniversary. The company has not yet determined the usefulness of this new site, but fans of the saga created by Hideo Kojima want to see here. Ad preview Referring to this distinguished series of video games.

Konami can announce some new game remaster remake or collect From metal equipment Take advantage of the thirty-fifth anniversary of its founding? The truth is that there Rumors That the company may be interested in restoring the saga by releasing previous installments in a new, updated format: at the end of last year a rumor surfaced that Chinese developer Virtuos might be working on remake From 3 . solid metal hardwareinformation that gained weight when The study confirms itself Develop “A .” remake Unannounced” from an action-adventure game, although it did not identify any game.

Remakeremasters, NFT collection…

also Much has been said about what this is remake will accompany some Remastered from other installments For existing platforms, although at this time not all of this information has been officially confirmed or denied by Konami. It must be remembered that the last time he celebrated the thirty-fifth anniversary of one of his great stories, Castlevaniahe did it by throwing a nft جمع collection Consisting of Small videos of Play One of the classic installments that I managed to sell for Over $162,000; It is a controversial move that the company has defended as its tactic “Preservation”.

For now, all that remains is to wait to see what Konami will do to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Metal Gear series, a franchise in which to find their latest published games, Metal Gear Survivalwe have to go back to 2018.

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