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Llosa, along with Alvaro de Rivero, CEO and co-founder of the project, started KO Group 14 years ago following the decision of Llosa, who, in search of personal balance, took a year off and dedicated himself to discovering the impact of sport on people’s lives.

“I decided to combine disciplines and creation KO Because I discovered that sport is not a way to make the body look good, but rather a way to balance emotions.”Marketing Director confirms. “We are an organization that was not born as a company; instead, we seek to make an impact on people,” adds de Rivero.

KO Group’s goal is to have 40 stores within five years. Ale Llosa points out that the digital platform, which accounts for 40% of businesses, is also closely related to entrepreneurship. Its community now numbers 65,000 people, both digital and face-to-face.

Currently, KO Group is in the process of raising capital to fund its expansion and strengthen its digital channel

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KO Group has three stores in Lima, two in Santiago de Chile and one in Bogota, and is seeking to have five stores in each city.

The expansion also includes Mexico, where they will open a store at the end of the year. There they hope to reach 10. They will also strengthen their presence in Madrid, the country for which they already have a center and are planning to open another in Spain.

There will be an opening next year in Miami, where the goal is to reach five establishments.

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