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Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, has erupted, although its lava is forecast to be confined to its central crater and does not threaten populated areas, authorities said Thursday.

“Lava fountains reached the height of a five-story building”, the American Geophysical Institute (USGS) noted on Twitter, along with a video.

The first cracks appeared in crater halima first volcanoWednesday afternoon. The US Geological Survey said it quickly gave rise to “lava fountains” that sometimes exceed 1,100 degrees Celsius in temperatures.

Lots of explosions volcano Kilauea Since the 1950s they have made it a very attractive destination for tourists. Officials of the Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, where it is located, they began to mobilize their staff to deal with the expected arrival of visitors.

“We’re preparing for visits this weekend, after the information circulated,” park spokeswoman Jessica Veraken told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

The eruption from Kilauea It does not pose an immediate danger, but the USGS Volcanic Observatory will continue to “closely monitor the situation” because “the beginnings of eruption They are dynamic and uncertain,” the institute explained.

The volcano Kilauea It is one of the five on the island Hawaii, the largest in the Pacific archipelago.

In 2018, a eruption Hundreds of homes were destroyed. About twenty people who were on a boat tour were injured to watch how the lava got into the sea due to the lava, one of them is dangerous.

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