Keys to studying in Canada

Since last September 7, Canada has welcomed again For international travelers, which has been a relief for those who are waiting or considering starting an internship in this North American country.

And there are precisely a few who take this step each year. According to a 2019 study, Canada The third country in the world With more international students after the US and Australia. This is due in large part to the high educational quality of Canadian universities and the numerous campaigns and attractive benefits for foreign students that the Canadian government is promoting.

Many assume that for any trip that requires an extended stay abroad, a visa must be arranged, and although this is certainly the case in many countries, For Canada it is not necessary. Spanish citizens can study in the country with only one ETA Canada If your stay in Canada does not exceed six months.

This is amazing Electronic Travel Permit It is essential anytime you want to enter the country, and it is requested quickly and easily, making it an ideal and much less complicated procedure than applying for a visa. It is not surprising, then, that many choose to stay for up to half a year to train in Canada and enjoy what the country has to offer. However, the eTA to study has restrictions Who does not have a Canadian visa.

The most important thing for students to keep in mind is that You cannot work in Canada with this travel permit, which includes on-campus jobs. If you want to work in addition to studying to fund part of the residency, you need a Special Study Permit or Work Permit, known as a “Study Permit” and “Work Permit” respectively, as well as an eTA, which must be required of all roads to enter Canada.

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Apply for an eTA Canada, Procedure Completely online, it’s an advantage in terms of effort, time and money. The only thing to do is Fill out a digital application form, which usually takes no more than five minutes. The Canadian Immigration Service then reviews the application and, if approved, the applicant will become part of its and airline databases as an authorized person to enter the country. The eTA is linked to the passportSo it is not necessary to print anything and it is enough to show the passport at the airport to the customs to check the validity of the eTA.

Many will wonder if it is possible to leave the country during the study stay to visit family and friends. Surely you can leave Canada and come back as many times as you want, all you have to do is It should be borne in mind that the eTA remains valid upon return To Canada to continue studies.

For informational purposes, The eTA is valid for 5 years after being grantedWhich should not cause problems in these situations. In rare cases, it may happen that the study permit is still valid, but the ETA has expired. In this case, your Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) must be renewed before you can travel to Canada again.

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