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woman from United kingdom She experienced “long, heavy periods” and “extreme pain” after giving birth for the second time in 2016. She went to the doctor at the time, but was told her symptoms were because her body was still adjusting after becoming a mother.

Specialists recommended Kelly Pendry Using birth control pills or an IUD to try to control my period, they even prescribed antidepressants, but nothing helped.

Look: She wouldn’t stop yawning, she went to the doctor and was devastated by the diagnosis: “I immediately started crying”

“Some days I doubled over in pain. The days he wasn’t bleeding were less than the days he was. I was putting on weight without explanation. My stomach was very, very swollen.”the British declared in conversation with .

Many years later, in 2020, a doctor Kelly describes as a “hero” learns that his condition has been alarming when he feels Some lumps in your stomach.

“For the first time someone has validated something”He remembers. “The doctor said, ‘How can you take it?’ I said, ‘I won’t take it.'”. So they made the diagnosis Benign fibroids.

The epidemic worsened their condition

Although she was told that a hysterectomy was the best procedure, she was unable to undergo any treatment due to the pandemic. The surgery was never performed.

Unfortunately, the cancer had progressed and in June 2021 Kelly was bleeding every day, while the swelling in her stomach made her. “She looks like a nine-month pregnant woman.”.

A few months later, after a lung biopsy, the newly diagnosed mother-of-two was diagnosed Tumor. However, it was too late because the pathology was in the fourth and final stage. A nurse told me not to plan for Christmas.pointed out.

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After receiving this terrible news, she decided to see an oncologist who was doing his best to treat her cancer despite its advanced stage.

“He asked us what we wanted and we told him the time. As long as it was humanly possible.”shown. I said, ‘I can’t stand the idea of ​​not being around the major landmarks. [de los niños]Silly things like first friends, girlfriends, graduation..

I hope your case helps others

Almost a year after finishing the treatment, Kelly claims she is experiencing some side effects such as: Fatigue, hot flashes, aches and painsbut he says it is nothing compared to the pain he had before.

for his part, Michael, patient husband, She will soon start running 290km to gather resources to pay for the hysterectomy she needs.

“We just want the kids to know that we tried everything we could. I think this will bring them great comfort.”the mother concludes, hoping her experience will help others.

Hopes that her story “Reaching someone in the early stages of the disease and having them say, ‘I want more tests or I’d like a referral'”.

“We started talking about women’s health, menopause, and the menstrual cycle.”Add. “I hope this gets better.”.

It should be added that leiomyosarcoma, according to It is a type of malignant tumor that develops in the smooth muscles of the body, for example, in the abdomen, pelvis or uterus, just as happened to Kelly Pendry.

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