Kate Middleton and her many faces

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(CNN Spanish) – Who would have thought that Kate Middleton was such a quiet, modest and obedient girl, he would be very surprised by the many faces she shows!

The Princess of Wales – and the future Queen of the United Kingdom – is beginning to show the British public that she is a strong, modern woman, capable of many roles, and who knows how to act perfectly according to her current situation and future position.

This was made clear in March, a month that was very active for Kate, who without losing her smile and spontaneity of character showed everyone that she knows how to behave perfectly at all times. For example, we’ve seen her don an Irish Guards army camouflage uniform, as she now takes on that responsibility from her husband, Prince William – honorary colonel of the unit! Pictures of her in military uniform and in the fields carrying out her routine as a pure soldier were fascinated by the English.

Kate, Princess of Wales, and William, Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne, visit the Hayes Islamic Center on March 9, 2023 in Hayes, England. (Credit: Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

We also saw her respectfully wearing the Islamic headscarf as she and her husband visited the Hayes Muslim Centre, an Islamic center in London, to offer their condolences and concern for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. The seriousness and compassion of the couple was well received, according to major newspapers and magazines such as Town and Country. It was an event where the princes met members of charities such as Save The Children, Islamic Relief, Action Against Hunger, Age International and the British Red Cross.

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The English were also surprised editorial column Writing for the respected Financial Times, Kate outlined the importance of supporting parents as much as possible during the vital first five years of raising their children, and urging companies on the need to offer more flexible and understanding working conditions. Another unexpected and new “face” or face of Kate, who charmed the English!

Something very nice is noticing how Kate knows – just by her body demeanor, or “body language” – how to use her movements and expressions perfectly, to communicate openly with her husband so he understands how she feels, and even to influence the actions of William and his three children. A look, a touch of a hand, a smile… That smiling, friendly girl has not ceased to be such, but also shows that she is a strong, resolute and resolute woman! A very intelligent woman, she could undoubtedly redefine her role as a young ‘royal’.

Kate Middleton visits the Irish 1st Battalion at the Salisbury Plain training ground. (Credit: Steve Riggat – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

A very nice thing, as you must know – and we all know, because this topic has been written for many years – is that King Charles didn’t like being outdone by Princess Diana. nothing nothing! Perhaps this is one of the reasons why he likes Camilla, who always puts him first. He was always attached to Carlos It made him jealous and upset him So much attention has always been given to Diana and it has been relegated to the background. Kate now knows that at the upcoming coronation, where she will likely wear Alexander McQueen’s brand, the lead actor is Carlos, her father-in-law, they wrote. Newsweek And fashion expert Miranda Holder speculates that the Princess of Wales’ wardrobe doesn’t stand out too much so as not to “distract the King.”

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As you can see, we’re looking at many new sides of Kate and the result is very positive! Kate is a good mom. Kate’s wife. Photographer Kate. Soldier Kate Princess Kate Fashionista Kate. Kate is a cheerful and spontaneous woman. Kate is a woman in love. Kate is intuitive and modern.

Kate, the perfect future queen, who may not be as far away as many of us think?

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