Kate Middleton and her hit on Prince William

after Kate Middleton He will give you a glare during the greeting South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol to United kingdom, In which he appeared with A Crimson red dress With an abaya that exposed her legs like never before, a controversial moment emerged.

wife Prince William She has managed to fit perfectly into the British royal family, so much so that many want to finally see her as Queen of England, due to the work she has done since coming to the throne. Royal family When I was just a college student.

During more than 10 years He and the future king had various disagreements, such as his alleged betrayal of the noblewoman Rose Hanbury, and his family’s disagreements with the prince. Harry and Meghan Markle And now they accuse it of being toxic to… A certain gesture.

Kate Middleton elbows Prince William in the middle of the event

In the middle of the ceremony that was held in horse guards procession, The current Princes of Wales were speaking with Various guests All evening, but Kate didn’t seem to feel comfortable with him one of them.

Although several days have passed since that meeting (November 20) Now a specific moment has emerged in which Middleton elbows her husband to interrupt him while he is talking to him another woman.

Although it could be an evasion of the conversation, they described how Toxic At Kate by pointing out that she was jealous of seeing him talking to someone other than her.

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“Kate Middleton does her best to be relevant, even pushing her husband, talking to any other woman, or moving a chair.” This is what happens when you abandon your career plans to conspire to set up a rich man! The Twitter account that posted the video wrote: “Karma is a bee.”

despite of extraordinary moment, The princess and her husband were responsible for maintaining their public image as an ideal couple after overcoming the crisis gossip And even appear from time to time Romantic aspects With light caresses or even Hurtful gestures Like grabbing the buttocks MiddletonAnd her husband on several occasions, most recently on the last day of Royal Ascot 2023.

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