Karolina Marin maintains her charm with Galore and is already a semi-finalist

sremains the Poet Carolina Marin with Gallure. The Olympic champion is one step ahead at the Madrid Spain Masters and that’s it In the semi-finals after defeating Japan’s Natsuki Nidayara From 21 to 16 and from 21 to 9. We will discuss this Saturday Ticket for the final match against Indonesia’s Gregoria Mariska Tunjung12 in the world and won it in the only precedent between the two in 2018.

They say you always have to go back to where you are happy and Karolina has been very happy in Jalore for almost a year. Here it was announced European champion for the sixth time in a row Upon returning, he was seriously injured in the left knee And in it With the audience chanting his nameGet back on the runway. And everything though He never fully recovered from the flu which forced her to retire from All England and not play the tournament in Switzerland.

Marin and Japan’s Nidaira, ranked 34th in the world, have met only once so far. It was on September 30 in the quarter-finals of the Canadian Open and the Spaniards won in two sets (21-10, 21-19).

Carolina domain

On Friday, Huelva jumped the Gallur circuit The audience covers it again. Among them were ten relatives Wearing a red T-shirt that reads “Come on, Carolina” in yellow. They did it for Europe last year.

The first group was equal. The three-time world champion tried to win the grid and take the lead, as on her debut Against the Danish Kjaersfeldt line. However, as he later realized in the mixed zone, there were moments of frustration because sometimes the aspects he was training for, such as versatility on offense or aggressive defenses, didn’t show up. “The important thing is that I’m bold,” he admitted in the end. “It was very important that I stay calm. I have to be calm to do it and it’s not easy because I’m very aggressive.”

It was very important to keep calm

Carolina Marin, Olympic Badminton Champion

He was frustrated when he saw how the midfielder ended up being taken off on more than one occasion. It was this inaccuracy that prevented him from even opening a hole on the scoreboard He fell to a 5-0 run-in at the last stage and an amazing crowd had the entire crowd applauding. In the end, he won the set 21-16.

In the second set, Carolina set the pace from the start and took the initiative It was yours at all times. once again, He played almost the entire group from midfield onwards. The Japanese tried to send it to the bottom, but the Spanish defended the territory well and held the position. It’s one of the new tools he’s filled his chest with in recent months. Rivals have studied it so well that they force it to reinvent itself again and again to surprise them with new game modes.

And when he was leading 5-1 The championship coup has been pulled from the top hatand hit the shuttlecock from behind.

Carolina’s stunning kick from behind at Galore

Marin took the group hard 21-9 And with him the party.

“The feelings were generally good,” he admitted. He expected a complicated match on Saturday against Tunjung. “but I have the stands and the audience for a favour. Playing at home in my case is an advantage “Because I feel the warmth and support of the fans, and tomorrow the stands will be crowded and they will push me in the semi-finals,” she said.

After Madrid, another World Tour Super 300 awaits him in Orleans (France). In principle, he was not planning to play it on his calendar, but after missing the tournament in Switzerland, he will travel to France to continue adding points to the standings.

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