K-dramas similar to Heartstopper that you can watch today

Netflix One of the favorite streaming platforms in Mexico, it recently released a program Heart stopper seriesBased on graphic novels written by Alice Osman It became a phenomenon in social networks. If you are a fan of these types of stories, I highly recommend this must-see similar drama.

The BL (Boy Love) genre has become very popular and several productions from Asia, the UK and the US have chosen to give more clarity and inclusion to LGBT relationships. South Korea, despite being considered a country whose society suffers from homophobia, has fallen out of the way korean drama from this thread.

heart plug A youth series that has stolen the hearts of millions of fans around the world, as it follows the story of two boys who become friends, but fall in love, even though one of them has just discovered his favorite. There is, too Drama which depicts self-discovery and falling in love with another boy.

Doramas is a must watch if you like Netflix’s Heartstopper

Dorama that you can watch on Viki, follows the story of Chu Sang Woo, a student of hundreds of students who always follow the rules. When he’s working on a project where his co-workers aren’t doing anything, he decides to fire them. However, Jang Jae Young, who is popular at school, is affected and cannot travel abroad to study. Both must work together to save the project, but they are very different from each other.

It’s also available on Viki and drama It follows Hye Bum, a young man who lived with Tae Sung. Although they are in the same class, they feel uncomfortable, because they live together every day and at all hours, but their relationship will gradually change as they are forced to live outside the home, changing their “family” relationship into something more romantic.

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The drama Thai was one of the most watched movies of 2020, and it follows the story of Tine, a boy who decides to get a fake boyfriend to get rid of his friend. To do this, she enlists the help of Sarawat, the most popular boy among the students, and he reluctantly accepts, but hides a secret that will unite them forever.

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