Justin Bieber ‘forced’ his doctors to cancel his tour amid fears for his health after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome | people | entertainment

Canadian singer Justin Beiber29, has worried his wife Hayley and his family since he was first diagnosed with the disease Ramsay Hunt Syndrome June 2022 When he got facial paralysis.

Due to his illness, the remaining dates of his Justice League World Tour Tuesday were canceled amid his battle with Clause May include permanent facial muscle weakness and deafness.

“Justin is weak and has worn himself out lately. They told him this had to happen and he had no other choice.” Source for the Daily Mail.

Justin was scheduled to perform in the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, France, New Zealand, Denmark and the Czech Republic; He has not yet commented on the news via the tour’s website this week.

According to the source, Justin feels terrible about it. He realizes this affects a lot of people who really criticize him, and he is committed to making sure everyone is okay.” And it’s not just Justin’s doctors who have raised concerns; his wife, Hailey, 26, and his family and friends are “concerned” about his deteriorating health, he added.

“For many years, Justin felt invincible and nothing could harm him. But after Ramsay Hunt fell ill, it became clear to him that he wasn’t.”

When it was announced that the tour was cancelled, fans were told they would receive a “full refund of their tickets”.

he The singer has been completely transparent about her battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome since she was first diagnosed with the condition in June 2022. At the time of his diagnosis, he had facial paralysis and posted photos and videos about it online. At the time, little was known about the disease, which usually occurs when an outbreak of herpes zoster affects the nerve near the ears.

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This tour has been a headache for the singer since it was initially going to take place in 2020, but had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and was postponed twice due to Bieber’s health issues. (YO)

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