Justice Macri allowed travel to the United States and Uruguay

Mauricio Macri (EFE / Zipi)

Federal Judge Julian Ercolini Today the former president authorized Mauricio Macri Travel to Uruguay and the United States next month to participate in conferences to which he has been invited. Macri must request permission because he has been barred from leaving the country in the case in which he is being tried for illegal spying during his government on the relatives of the ARA San Juan submarine victims.

Macri will travel to Uruguay on a private trip on March 8 and will return the next day. Will participate in the event organized by Becon Investment Management In the city of Carrasco. To the United States, specifically to Miami, will do so from March 13 to 21 to participate Senior Fellow in Leadership At the Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom.

Defense of the former president in charge of the lawyer Paul Lanos-Provide information on flights, invitation and places to stay.

“The applicant has certified roots in our country, since his family, his entire social and working life takes place in this region, and that he has promised to report his return in writing and that he has fulfilled the obligations imposed on him as side”, Judge Ercolini maintained his decision.

Prior to the request, the lawsuit representing relatives of ARA San Juan victims opposed Macri’s departure. Attorney Valeria Carreras explained in her presentation that Macri is accused in several serious pending institutional cases and that he can escape because he has sufficient financial resources and international connections to do so.

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On the other hand, the attorney general Alexandra Mangano Judgment in favor of permission. He explained that the orders were identical to other orders Macri had issued and had been authorized by him. Ercolini spoke like this.

The judge noted that “former departures from the country of the petitioner were, as a consequence, observed without taking an evasive attitude to the process, and for this reason, at this point, no element has been observed that would allow us to presume to put them in danger of being subject to it.”

Macri when he is investigated in the court of Dolores (Franco Favasoli)
Macri when he is investigated in the court of Dolores (Franco Favasoli)

The judge added that in the case “information regarding flights in terms of destinations, tickets – excluding the private flight – and accommodations was attached and announced” and that this “distorts the arguments made by the complaint, which finds no correlation in the position the applicant takes within the process, and given the His position as a former chief, it is understood that invitations to events of various kinds fall on his name, allowing the assumption of future requests of similar characteristics or of a personal nature. ”

Imposing Ercolini on Macri “The duty to report their return to the country within 48 hours of their arrival and return to it if the process requires it in advance.”

A federal judge in Dolores tried the former president last December Martin Bava For the monitoring and electronic patrols that were conducted during his government on a group of submarine relatives who requested the search for the missing boat between November 2017 and the end of 2018.

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“The national government headed by the accused illegally spied on the protagonists of one of the greatest tragedies that occurred during his administration. This was done, among other things, with the aim of anticipating Mauricio Macri, what movements and allegations were present in that group of relatives,” he said. the judge. The case was submitted at the beginning of February to the Komodoro B. Courts.

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