Just over a month after its cinema premiere, new Space Jam arrives on HBO Max

It’s been a while because it’s not uncommon to find movie premieres simultaneously with their arrival on some platforms flow. It happened with Space Jam 2: A New Era, which debuted in theaters in the United States on the same day as HBO Max.

in Argentina, The LeBron James sequel arrives Friday, August 20th on WarnerMedia. It can be viewed at no additional cost, only After 35 days From its premiere in cinemas in Latin America.

In 2015, it was announced that LBJ would star in a sequel crowded place. The expectation was already high: 25 years ago, the first raised $230 million and It is still the highest-grossing basketball movie of all time.

While James – the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and Lakers champion – was already considered the new king of the NBA, with millions of fans around the world, the question was whether he had the same charisma as Michael Jordan.

LeBron James with film director Malcolm Lee. AP

Specialized press and even the first director crowded place They were excited with criticism. But the film has the same dark humor that characterizes the Warner Bros. cartoons. The argument has adapted to these technological times.

Melody vs. Goon

in the plot, LeBron is the same basketball star He, as in real life, is the father of three children. The person in the middle, Dom (Cedric Joe), is a video game enthusiast, and creates his own sports-related games. His father insists he is really practicing it, and the boy feels he doesn’t support him.

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Meanwhile, LeBron is called to a meeting at Warner Brothers to offer to be the protagonist A series of projects in which Batman and other characters from the studio will fight.

He doesn’t lock in what they give him, and that’s where the ego of Al-G Ritmo (Don Cheadle) comes in, specifically the artificial intelligence algorithm that devised those ideas, residing in the ground, in Warner’s computers.

This is where LeBron and Dom come in, from Falling into a kind of virtual reality Created by Al-G. The NBA star finds himself at a crossroads: he must play a game of basketball and defeat the team that will introduce the evil algorithm, if he wants to get his son back.

"Space Jam 2: A New Era", in honor of animators of all ages.

“Space Jam 2: A New Era”, in honor of animators of all ages.

LeBron meets Bugs Bunny and together they travel through different worlds which belong to other films and series of the Warner group — Warner Bros., DC Comics, and HBO — to identify and recruit the rest of the Looney Tunes, including Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny, and Porky Beige to the head.

This is how Robin, or the clown from It, or Catwoman, or Pedro Flintstones or some evil from Game of Thrones appear in some of these “planets” of the multiverse, and then swell by a Tune Squad or a Goon Squad led by Al-G And integrated by NBA and WNBA stars.

Space Jam: A New Era It was directed by Malcolm Lee, a filmmaker who usually makes comedies with African-American actors, like him. In addition to James, it stars Don Cheadle, Chris Davis, Sonicua Martin Green and Cedric Jo.

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The film with the participation of basketball players Anthony Davis Lakers teammate James, Draymond Green, Clay Thompson, Damien Lillard, Diana Taurasi, and Nika Ogomec.

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