Jurassic destinations for movie and dinosaur lovers

no Dinosaur lovers Like the movie lovers They know that a new part of the popular dinosaur movie saga is about to be released. Many people are eagerly waiting for the movie’s release and seeing it can spark a desire to discover the places where the events take place firsthand, although crossing paths with the prehistoric stars in the movie would be rather difficult…

According to the investigation by booking.com, 37%* of the Argentine travel community find inspiration for their trips in series or movies. In addition, For the majority (91%)* natural beauty is a factor in determining a travel destination. With that in mind, we can say that the destinations where this epic adventure was filmed will make you want to pack your bag. before the first show.

Charming destinations for movie and dinosaur lovers:

Talambaya, La Rioja, Argentina

Talambaya National Park receives approximately 60,000 visitors annually, and is one of the places in Argentina with the largest discoveries of fossil animals and plants, which corresponds to a population that occurred in the Triassic period from the Mesozoic era 225 million years ago. For this reason, it presents an exhibition of 16 life-size replicas of dinosaurs on the Triassic track that aims to recreate animal life during prehistoric times. The national park offers various services and you can even camp in it, allowing you to enjoy one of the best views of the constellations and the moon in the world at night.

Kauai Island, Hawaii, United States

The island of Kauai, the northernmost and oldest of Hawaii, is one of the main locations where the films of the dinosaur saga were filmed. It is known as the “Island of Gardens” because of its emerald green valleys. Kauai looks like something that came out of a dream. In the movies, this island of towering mountaintops and cliffs becomes the remote Isla Nublar, where the action takes place. Adrenaline seekers can explore this amazing place by kayaking, snorkeling or snowboarding. The gorgeous Nā Pali coast, with beautiful beaches and waterfalls, stretches for 27 kilometers and is a frequent site in the Jurassic saga. To appreciate the unique scenery, take a boat tour of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back to prehistoric times, when dinosaurs roamed those lands, or maybe they’re still roaming…

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Valletta, Malta

Known as the “fortified city”, Malta’s capital has an interesting history, with impressive forts and cathedrals. In addition, from the city walls you can see the Mediterranean, very picturesque. In the movie, dinosaurs are taking over the city and there is an intense motorbike chase in the old cobbled streets. Walk the alleys that lead to the Plaza de San Jorge, where you will find Baroque and Neoclassical buildings. In the movie, Velociraptor can be seen jumping over churches in this area. Take a journey into the past with a tour of prehistoric temples and explore the rock-cut temples of Malta, which are older than the pyramids of Egypt. You will also be able to visit the Ghar Dalam Cave and learn first-hand about the period when dinosaurs ruled the world. At the deepest levels are the fossils of creatures that lived more than half a million years ago.

Vancouver Island, Canada

Although there weren’t any dinosaurs on Vancouver Island, there was an abundance of wildlife worth knowing about. Not far from the Pacific coast of Canada, orcas, cougars, wolves, moose and black bears live on Vancouver Island. In addition to the diversity of wildlife, this 460-kilometre island boasts a variety of landscapes, such as snow-capped mountains, coastlines with beaches and secluded pockets, and vast forests. This diversity of landscapes attracted film set directors. The scenes were recorded in the woods of Cathedral Grove within MacMillan Provincial Park.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Six Flags New Orleans is an abandoned amusement park where many high-budget movies were filmed. In this production, it was used as the basis for the more densely populated areas of the park that gave the film its name. As a result of Hurricane Katrina, the complex was flooded and has since closed, but film crews built a new version in the park’s massive parking lot. There are plenty of reasons to visit New Orleans, including its buzzing nightlife, live music performances, local dishes, and French architecture. This destination is known for its laid-back lifestyle, but there is a lot to discover. To learn more about the fascinating past and modernization of this famous city, take a tour of the park area and Lafayette Cemetery. You will learn about the oldest cemetery in the city and its mausoleums as well as some of the places that appear in famous films.

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Khon Kaen, Thailand

Khon Kaen is the perfect destination for fans of the series who prefer to be closer to the prehistoric monsters that inspired the movies from the locations where they were filmed. In this province located in northeastern Thailand is one of the largest dinosaur cemeteries in the world. Fu Yang National Park is famous for its ancient fossil sites. The discoveries made in this park are on display at the Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum.

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