Jump Force awards items to Steam operators after a week of servers downtime

Bandai Namco announced the issue has been resolved and they apologize.

If you are a fan Fighting Games And from Japanese comicsYou might have tried the video game Jumping forceWhich unites famous characters from Japan’s hottest animated series to fight. Well, a game Bandai Namco Some have dragged in recent days Problems On steam And now, that it’s finally fixed, the company has announced the Players compensation About failure.

In late April, some Jump Force players Noticed This is Online game was not working On the platform valve. Apparently it was Disabled more than a weekWhich angered the title players a lot. Bandai Namco announced that the issues are now resolved and Thank you fans for their support And patience to solve the error.

As a token of gratitude to Jump Force Steam players, we want that It gives you the following thingsThese items can be claimed immediately and, Bandai Namco explained Until next June 7So if you are a Jump Force player feel free to enter the game to get this gift and take advantage of this compensation.

The elements offered by Jump Force are:

  • 35,000 gold
  • 50 Red Dexterity Energy
  • 50 Blue Dexterity Energy
  • 50 Green Dexterity Energy
  • 500 Medals Jump Force

Jump Force is available for ComputerAnd the Playstation 4And the Xbox One s Nintendo SwitchBut the video game He did not finish meeting expectations From the fans, who expected something more from the title. If you want to know more about it, in case you are interested in getting it today, You can recall our analysis of Jump Force.

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