Juma Al Majid 50 years in the service of culture, science and heritage

Juma Al Majid It started building its center in 1989 so that The United Arab Emirates (UAE) can count on a place anyone can have an interest in Study and dissemination of cultural heritage It was easy to access what was posted about him. He has earned it.

today in Dubai he rises Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritagea foundation that provides full funding for Ancient documents and manuscriptsas well as rare books for students, researchers, professors and academics, says its founder, “Dispels the gloom of darkness“.

The great goal and ambition when establishing this center was to transform it into a Unique institution. Unique for housing documents, manuscripts and rare books, it has specialized libraries and has an entire army of professionals in restoration, preservation and processing Manuscripts, documents, newspapers, maps, magazines and books…they check what they receive and evaluate Scientific value So that researchers enthusiastic about knowledge do not find obstacles to continue their projects.

The Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage is distinguished throughout the world in the preservation and processing of manuscripts, documents, newspapers, maps, magazines or books. (Charged)

Al-Majed began building his center by traveling wherever the book or manuscript related to the national heritage was, and through the center that bears his name, he published it with ease and “Mainstreaming “Access to Knowledge Tools demanded by the twentieth century at the time.

maybe publish Afaq Magazinea compendium of highly specialized articles on very diverse topics, for example, Islamic scientific heritage Or contemporary issues in thought and culture. as an example for him global scale Recent post about The effects of Islamic civilization on Japanese culture and art.

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Crescent Cultural relations and agreements abroad Those that enrich the culture in capital letters. The Juma Al Majid Center is well aware of this, and for this reason it is currently following in the footsteps of the goals that characterized its constitution.

“The contribution of the Juma Al Majid Center to the restoration and protection of manuscripts had a significant impact in saving tens of thousands of documents in the world.

Already in January 2015, The conference was held in the capital of MaliIn cooperation with UNESCO and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign AffairsWhich was attended by dozens of international experts and representatives of many European and African universities.

In the context of that, the Minister of Higher Education of Mali He pointed out that “the contribution of the Juma Al Majid Center to the restoration and protection of manuscripts has had a significant impact on the matter Save tens of thousands of documents in the worldIt is a daunting and challenging task for an organization that is small in size but large in terms of its experts and its objectives.”

Continuing year after year in its work to establish relationships and agreements, last September the Juma Al Majid Center reached an agreement that is considered historic with Emirates Association for Libraries and Information (To the). The aim is to Complete the knowledge of the library staff to the state and expose projects that enhance the training of these professionals to suit them to the challenges of the twenty-first century.

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Books at the Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage are treated as the greatest treasures.  (Charged)
Books at the Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage are treated as the greatest treasures. (Charged)

Anyone can access the center. There are dozens who visit it. Individuals and representatives of other institutions can Exchange of ideas and opinions As well as giving lectures. the doctor fixed fountainsMember of the British Royal Society of Science At the end of her visit to the center, the distinguished scientist confirmed that she was pleasantly surprised Quality content of activities and projects running center. He described the institution as “a A necessary tool for the protection of all human thought over the past centuries.”

More than just the goal of the twentieth century has been achieved. The center currently provides The latest technology in document restoration and preservation. He is now preparing himself to never miss a beat and meet the challenges of this fast-paced and changing 21st century. To achieve this, the Juma Al Majid Center is located in A Excellent position From the Hands of Certified Explorers: Collaborators, Students, Professors, Researchers… The power of cultureThe scientific method and the legacy as the engine of the future.

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