Julian Assange arrives in Australia after his release is formalized – DW – 06/26/2024

Founder Wikileaks, Julian AssangeI arrived in Canberra on Wednesday (26.6.2024) on charter flight VJT199, which landed at approximately 7:40pm local time at Canberra International Airport, after approximately seven hours of flight. “After nearly 14 years in arbitrary detention in the United Kingdom, and five years in a maximum security prison for his innovative work, Julian Assange has returned home to Australia,” WikiLeaks highlights in its X account.

His wife, Stella Assange, and his two children received Assange at the airport. He was planning to hold a press conference in a hotel in the Australian capital, but it was Stella Assange who finally appeared before the media to explain that her husband “needs time and recovery” in order to “get used to freedom.”

The WikiLeaks founder's wife asked for “space and privacy” before deciding to “speak again”, following her return to Australia as a free man. Stella Assange said: “Julian wanted to be here today, but he asked me to do this… They need to understand what he went through. He needs time, he needs to heal and this is a process…”


Julian Assange welcomes his arrival in Canberra as a free man.Photograph: Edgar Su/Reuters

About a hundred journalists were waiting at Canberra Airport to document Assange’s return to his home country of Australia after a long journey since his departure from London, which prompted him to make a technical stop in Bangkok on Tuesday, before heading to the Northern Mariana Islands (US territories in the Pacific Ocean) to formalize their freedom today. . MS (AFP/IF)

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