Judge authorizes house arrest on fake heir who inspired Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’

Fake and scam social artist Anna Sorokin, whose plot inspired the Netflix series, He was released from US immigration custody and is now under house arrest, According to immigration officials and their spokesperson.

An immigration judge cleared the way on Wednesday for Sorokin’s release and house arrest while trying to prevent her deportation. Now young lHe wears an ankle monitor, and had to post a $10,000 bondprovide an address of where you live, and agree not to post anything on social media.

Sorokin stands Under house arrest in New York Citysaid its spokesman, Judah Engelmayr.

“Anna now has the opportunity to demonstrate her commitment to growth, giving back and making a positive impact on those she meets.”Engelmayr said in a statement. “You have obstacles ahead and you will overcome them with strength and determination, using your experiences and lessons learned.”

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed his release..

Sorokin, 31, is trying to avoid being deported to Germany. Convicted in 2019 To swindle $275,000 from banks, hotels, and New York numbers to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Using the name Anna Delphi, she posed as the daughter of a German diplomat or oil baron and lied about having $67 million (68 million euros) in a bank abroad in order to give the impression she could cover her debts, prosecutors said.

Her lawyer said it simply Overwhelmed by the situation trying to start a private art club And he plans to pay when he can.

The case became the basis for the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”which was shown for the first time this year.

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After spending three years behind bars, Sorokin was released last year and later detained by US immigration authorities. They argue that the woman stayed on US soil longer than the visa would allow and should be sent back to Germany.

His current attorney, Duncan Levine, said Wednesday that Sorokin wants to appeal his conviction.

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