Juariu spoke about the battle against cancer: “I was scared but I never gave up”

Juariu has talked about fatherhood in Invincibles

Vicky Bryar known as juario, He was invited to Invinciblethe course that leads Maria Belen Ludwina by Z republic. The influencer, a native of Tucumán, has received tremendous coverage in recent months for her work as host of the hit reality show Big Brother 2022 (Telefe) which has come to an end.

“I know you are dear, but when you give your opinion of Big brother “How do you handle criticism? Because people on Twitter are on fire,” the host asked. “It’s horrible, the software generates so much emotion. I’m a loyal consumer GH all my life. I am now in The night of the ex-boyfriend with Nadia Epstein And I hated her because she was my lover Marianela Mira, tocumana who won. The young woman replied, “I understand the passion it generates and that it is not a personal thing.”

Although he is now enjoying his current job, Juariu had a difficult time in his life when he was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I found a lump, I never touched anything. It caught my eye and I got scared. I told my friend about that moment and he told me to do an examination, which was definitely nothing. It never occurred to me that it could be something bad,” recalls the journalist.

Juariu spoke about her breast cancer on Invincibles

In addition, he noted that when conducting the study, the ultrasound recommended that he go to a specialist and ended up in the Italian hospital. “We found a doctor who said to me: ‘You’ll have an operation, if it’s good you’ll have it outside, if it’s bad we’ll see what we’ll do. ‘ Everyone knew it was a bad thing but they didn’t tell me, I just let myself go with the flow. They operated on me and she was already there.” Good picture, they removed the nodules from my armpits to see if they had enlarged, but no. You had to wait to see if it was bad or good. My face was panicked and the doctor told me not to think, act,” he told of that experience.

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At that time, her family suffered the loss of her father and did not want them to continue to grieve over his illness: “Since my man died, I tried to protect my mother, my sister. Then he gave them little information and faked madness. With Gustavo (his partner) I managed to break down and show that pain. But he took it.” He has to tell my mom and my sister that it wasn’t as simple as I told them. That was a difficult moment, I felt I had to be strong and take on their suffering, and seeing them suffer so much when my dad died was painful.”

Maria Belén Ludueña y Juariu

After overcoming her battle with cancer, she decided to commit to the disease and try to tell her story to raise awareness among other women: “90% of women who detect this disease early are cured, so you should get screened. I was 29 and they never asked me for a scan.” Ultrasound of the breast. Many women write to me that they are afraid. I try to set an example, I figured it out in time and cured, and it can be done. “

When María Belén asked him if he was afraid during the operation, Juário replied: “Yes, I was afraid, but I never gave up. I was afraid that it would get worse, that I would make myself vulnerable, that I would lose strength, fear is always there.” Finally, he revealed On what illness education has taught him: “I was having a bad time at work and when the cancer came I knew this was important. So, if I’m worried about frivolous things, I have a scar that when I go to take a shower, I see it and it brings me back to Earth. I say to myself: “Skinny, I had cancer, why would you worry?” Remembering I had cancer makes me smile, it’s my grounding cable.”

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