Juancho Hernangómez: From NBA Show to Netflix

Juancho Hernangomez and Adam Sandler, during the filming of Garra (Hustle).

Surprise. Utah Jazz player and world champion Juancho Hernángómez will star alongside Adam Sandler in the movie Garra (Hustle), which begins June 10.

It is common, especially in the United States, for famous athletes to participate in series and films with fleeting appearances. Pau Gasol, for example, played the “bad guy” on an episode of “CSI Miami” over ten years ago, and he’s also appeared on “Modern Family” during his Los Angeles run, but what few expected is that Juancho Hernangómez ( Madrid, 1995) was one of the main protagonists along with Adam Sandler in the movie Garra (Hustle), which will be shown on Netflix on its platform on June 10.

Utah jazz bassist Juancho Hernángómez was known to have been working on this film, directed by Jeremiah Zagar and produced, among other things, by Sandler himself and LeBron James’ producer, SpringHill, but Juancho Hernángómez weighed in on the plot.

Netflix this week revealed the latest trailer for the movie, and the 2019 world champion plays the role of Bo Cruz, a street basketball player spotted by an NBA scout at the Madrid Stadium. The Philadelphia 76ers release this “scout” (Adam Sandler) and begin to travel around the world in search of talent that will once again open the doors of the best basketball league in the world, when he finds Juancho Hernangomez.

Looking for talent in a few hours

From there, the fight begins and the path to gaining a foothold in the career, as described in the synopsis of the film: “Sandler plays a basketball scout in a few hours who, while abroad, discovers a player who is immensely talented but has a hard time playing. His past. Without consent His team, he decided to take the phenomenon with him, and give them one last chance to prove that they deserve the NBA.”

Younger than his brother Willie (New Orleans Pelicans) Juancho Hernángómez and son of Margarita ‘Wonnie’ Goyer, the 1993 European Basketball Champion with Spain, missed part of the 2020/21 pre-season because he was working on filming. He traded with Minnesota Timberwolves and didn’t expect to volunteer training in September, so he wasn’t able to learn about his new franchise until filming ended in Philadelphia.

But Juancho Hernángómez isn’t the only NBA player who has been in the movie. In order for the story to be as close as possible to the franchise setting, others like Serbian 2.24m Boban Marjanovic will have their share of screen.

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