Juana Viale acknowledged that she will be vaccinated in the US: “I celebrate that people can travel”

She said her grandmother trained her before and after traveling on air. (Photo: Capture / TN)

He used to be the one asking questions on the tables every Sunday. Joanna Vialli He was encouraged to change roles on his visit to Only one roll (TN). In dialogue with Diego Sehenkman And all of her team is actress and host He gave his view on various current issues: Presence in schools, Argentines traveling abroad to get vaccinated, and the role of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as Vice President. Additionally, he explained why his grandmother’s return to TV was so late.

At the beginning of the interview, he referred to one of the differences between the ruling party and the opposition. “I am on the side of fathers fighting for existence.”Commented. Then he added: “There are reliable data that show that the focus of contagion is not the schools. Children are the first to want to go to school. I support all parents who strive for existence. People need bonding, and more than that in the early stages of life. “

In this sense, stewardess Have lunch with Murtha Legrand (Tarsi) He tells how the school situation for his children is: “My daughter Ambar graduated from high school and it was a difficult and different year. My son Sylvester is in Chile where attendance is absolute. He is happy with friends. It’s a completely different life than the one we live here. Ali has a school in the county and this is Saab. Parents are not satisfied that they are not going to school. “

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He continued with other issues on the agenda, and admitted that if he could, he would be vaccinated in the United States. “I would travel, but I can’t. For those who are leaving, it is not free. The ticket is paid and you leave your vaccine for someone else. I celebrate the possibility of vaccinating people. I’m almost 40 years old, until he touches me here I still have a long way to go. If I can get the vaccination today, I prefer to give it to a teacher or health worker. I prefer to give my vaccine to anyone. “

Viale notes that he feels very comfortable leading his grandmother’s program. “It is not easy to talk about the present, especially today that it is very related to pain. But I prepare and study so that I do not feel comfortable for me.” Indeed, he said that many politicians in the ruling party do not dare go to his program because they are afraid of it.

Although she feels very comfortable in the role of host, she hopes La Chiqui will soon occupy that place again. “Murtha wants to come back, but she is scared. So we are watching. I got vaccinated with two doses of Sputnik, but hey … last year was even more difficult because I haven’t seen her in many months. This year we see each other with distance and chin strap. She won’t let us kiss her. It is difficult, the epidemiological links are very difficult, “he revealed.

Then he added, “For someone as active as my grandmother, it is very difficult to reduce her exits. But she is the ideal student, she is always aware of the protocols. The best thing that can happen to him in life is to return to work.”

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The host admitted that the singer had become her coach since she took her place in classic TV lunches. “More than anything he gives me love advice. He told me to show my clothes more because women are waiting for that moment.”

Near the end of the interview, Osvaldo Bazan He asked the guest if she owed her grandmother’s soul. “God willing! It’s in seniority. She is 52 years old at the head of the program,” he said, laughing.

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