Juan Santamaria’s two huge decades at ACS made him become a CEO

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“Don’s name The cases of Juan SantamariaSpanish, of legal age, civil engineer by profession (…) as a member of the Board of Directors, with the category of CEO.” Thus reads one of the points of the day that ACS shareholders must agree to at today’s meeting. He will be elected for the next four years.

“The purpose of the appointment is to provide greater independence to the board and improve group governance,” he said. Florentino PerezGroup President at the conference with analysts to present the 2021 results.

It’s better to do this job than someone who has been with the company for two decades. Income in 2002. He recently graduated after studying at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. And his first destination was one of the areas that ACS would focus on in the coming years: franchises.

A work that he developed not only in Spain, but also in other European countries. Because Juan Santamaria is a global scientist who has developed his work in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Chile and Australia.

Therefore, the man of the house has good teachers (Anthony Garcia Ferrer -vice president-, Angel Garcia Altozano – General Manager of the company-, Jose Luis del Valle – Secretary General-…). Without forgetting that he is young (43 years old) and loved by the president. The confidence that was gained not only by being from Real Madrid, but by improving his performance for every company in the group he was in.

world man

Away from football, Juan Santamaria loves to read. He is married with three children, and one of his other passions is spending his free time with his family. And how could it be otherwise, travel. Because, as it has already been said, it was from here to there.

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A world tour is useful for his performance. not in a vein, ACS is the world’s largest construction company in terms of foreign sales. This has been revealed by Engineering New Record magazine over the past decade.

In sales, 59% are from North America, 22% are from Asia Pacific; 11% from Spain; 7% from the rest of Europe; and 1% from South America. In terms of portfolio, 49% are in North America; 32% in Asia Pacific; 10% in the rest of Europe; 8% in Spain; and 1% in South America.

His first steps as an expat took place in the United States. There, in warm Miami, He served as CEO and COO of ACS Infrastructure North America and Canada. A job he held between 2006 and 2013, which helped him gain experience in administrative functions and negotiate with commercial banks and the competent authorities.

Not forgetting that at that time, it added related highway contracts for ACS. For example, in 2008, the construction of the A30 motorway in Montreal (Canada), or the I595 motorway in Florida (USA).

His next step was iridium, the franchise company of the ACS Group. It was brief, because it was only a year old. Then he went to opposites. Before assuming the position of CEO and General Manager of the company Simic (February 2020), led by trend CPB Contractors, the originator branch of Cimic. and reins LMUService business.

Simic catapult

Juan Santamaria has arrived at Simic to replace him Marcelino Fernandez Verdes. And now, he took the first step and ended up taking the baton he left in March 2021, as CEO of ACS Group. A worthy job, that of Cimic, as its Middle East business was “affected” by mismanagement that left a 1,100 million euro hole.

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Cimic is in the middle of a takeover bid for Hochtief, which already controls 96% of the capital. And in 2021, it received a profit of 253 million euros while its income increased by 8.3%.

What are the challenges you have to face? In that desire to improve group governance, The company should be simplified. There the pools of experts refer to the amalgamation of Dragados into the American Flatiron. or from Dragados itself in Hochtief. Or, the 20% of the German company’s owned Aberts is transferred to the parent company.

It will also be on the table to move into the franchise business and renewables. without forgetting Atlantia or any other plan B that allows you to reinvest the money that came from selling your industrial services business to Vinci.

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