Juan Guaido traveled to the United States from Colombia

During the day of April 24, it was learned that Juan Guaido, leader of the Venezuelan opposition, had entered Colombia for reasons of the meeting on April 25 called by President Gustavo Petro, with a delegation from the Venezuelan opposition, and delegates from several countries seeking to re-establish dialogues with Nicolás Maduro.

But the State Department confirmed that the Venezuelan politician was not on the guest list for the conference. And the same Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alvaro Leyva, confirmed that “it is not known where Guaidó is (…) Naturally, if he does not appear, he risks because he entered inappropriately, and in Colombia we abide by the laws.

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Despite this, from the State Department itself, they indicated that Guaidó was in Colombia, and that he had traveled from Bogota to the United States.

“In the afternoon, Migration Colombia took Mr. Juan Guaido, a Venezuelan national, who was in Bogotá infrequently, to El Dorado Airport with the aim of checking his departure on a commercial airliner to the United States, during the night. It had already been purchased by him It is not true then that the national government has a plane to take Mr. Guaidó to that country. Immigration Colombia is vigilant that this flight takes place without any delay, “reported the Chancellery.

Why did Guaidó leave Venezuela?

Regarding Juan Guaidó’s departure from Venezuelan territory, Gabi Arellano, a deputy in the National Assembly, who is currently a refugee in Colombia, indicated that Guaidó’s departure from Venezuela would have to do with security issues.

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“What I understood from Juan Guaido’s statement is that today he has no guarantees to continue working in Venezuela, and he has no guarantees to exercise his political rights,” he said.

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He noted that Guaido “left Venezuela due to the intensification of persecution against him, as he fears for his life and the lives of his closest circle, for his family.”

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