Journalist and writer Carmen Rodriguez, RCI Honorary Sheikh

Carmen Rodriguez is a Chilean-Canadian writer, poet, educator, and sociopolitical activist. The term “Sheikh” is a term primarily used in Indigenous communities around the world. For this reason, the Latin American Cultural Center in Vancouver is a well-suited title for the role that Carmen in Context has played for him since his first gossip. (Photo: © Felipe Fittipaldi)

This Monday, March 8th, in the framework of International Women’s Day, and Vancouver Latin American Cultural Center (VLACC) He will designate Carmen Rodriguez, a former colleague of Radio Canada Internationale, a recognized writer, and the organization’s honorary sheikh.

Since its formal inception in 2012, Carmen has served as an informal advisor and advocate for VLACC values. He shared his networks of contacts and knowledge about the historical development of Latin American society in British Columbia, Vancouver.

Lille Vieira de Carvallo (Photo: © Felipe Fittipaldi)

We are excited to offer Carmen Rodriguez a title that really fits in the consulting role she has played at VLACC for many years.

Carmen is truly our valuable soundboard, someone we trust when we seek balanced perspectives and historical context. We hope to make their knowledge available to new generations for the new generations of Latin Americans in Latin America in Vancouver and elsewhere. “Lili Vieira de Carvallo, Executive Director of VLACC

The term “Sheikh” (The elderly In English) is a term used primarily in Indigenous communities around the world. For this reason, the Latin American Cultural Center in Vancouver is a well-suited title for the role that Carmen played in the center’s context.

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Indigenous societies and other societies based on a harmonious relationship with nature and the cooperation of human beings value the elderly. Given the dangerous situation in the world today, I think it would be good for all of us to slow down and reconsider the way we live and work on this planet. Elders can help us do this, as they can carry the lessons of the past into the present and help us imagine and shape a better future for all. Carmen Rodriguez

(Photo: © Felipe Fittipaldi)

Born in Valdivia, Chile, bilingual writer Carmen Rodriguez came to Canada as a political exile in 1974.

She is the author Prolonged war / protracted war, Bilingual poetry volume; Based on a The Body to Remember with / De Cuerpo Entero, Collection of stories based on Retribution (Women’s Press Literature, 2011), a new novel.

Full body He received a Medal of Honor from the Santiago Municipal Prize for Literature in 1998, while a The body to remember He was one of the finalists for the Vancouver Book Award, also in 1998.

Retribution It won second place in the Best Popular Novel category at the 2012 International Latin Book Awards in New York. The Norwegian translation of “Retribution” was published by Chiles Døtre in Autumn 2013 by Juritzen Forlag of Oslo. Copy it in Spanish, Revenge, Is coming.

In addition to being a writer, Rodríguez worked hard as an educator and journalist. Until recently, he taught in Simon Fraser University Latin American Studies Program He was Vancouver correspondent for the Spanish department Radio Canada International.

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The Honorary Sheikh of VLACC also has a sophisticated perspective on the presence of Latin American cultures in the Vancouver landscape.

Almost 46 years ago, Latin Americans first established a cultural and artistic presence in Vancouver. VLACC is the culmination of a dream / plan to bring together craftsmen from Latin American culture under one roof and open the doors of this center to all the communities that make Vancouver the diverse and exciting place. VLACC has managed not only to reach audiences but also artists working in a variety of artists who have excelled in their countries and in Canada. At the same time, it is important to look at the past and the history that brought us to this place.Carmen Rodriguez

In addition to participating in musical groups, organizing art exhibitions and conferences, Carmen has collaborated with La Cuena Group, Who founded the first Latin American and Latin American Cultural Center in Vancouver, and this background influenced the VLACC project to establish a Center for Latin American Arts and Cultures in Vancouver.

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