Joseph Quinn (Eddie) and Jimmy Campbell Bauer (Vina) sing and dance to ‘Running Up That Hill’ in Brazil


It’s been a week since then hawks Practically destroyed by The Neighbor (Jimmy Campbell Power) At the end of season 4 Weird things.

After an intense (and expensive) delivery that took us from this city to California or Russia, the most ambitious season yet, the movie’s protagonists finally meet, albeit from different parts of the planet, to stand up to the villain.

Although there is still one final season to face Vecna, without a doubt this fourth season was essential to discovering where that is. Upside down Loaded with demogorgons, Mind Flayers, and monsters of all kinds, the creation of Vecna/001.

Unfortunately, who will not be in the fifth installment of the series will be the actor Joseph Quinn as such Eddie Monson He died heroically in the last episode so that the initial plan of the heroes came true. The character said goodbye in style, shrugged off her cowardice and offered his best version over a voice puppet master, From Metallica.

Now we’ve found out that off camera, Quinn and Bauer get along very well, and to prove it, we have this viral moment they shared in Brazil, dancing and singing to the sound of Running over this hill.

The actors traveled to the South American country for an event organized by Netflix And there they were able to entertain their fans, as well as a party at which they gave everything.

Let’s remember that go up that hill, From Kate Bush He lives a second life thanks to his appearance in Weird things. It’s .’s favorite song Max (Sady Sink) which managed to break Vecna’s control over it.

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Published in 1985 as part of Hounds, run over that hill It reached No. 3 on the British singles charts at the time, and also had success in Germany, Belgium, Australia and other countries. Now, thanks to the Netflix series, it is once again #1 on iTunes in the UK as well as in the US.

Check out more Joseph Quinn and Jimmy Campbell Bauer moments in Brazil below:

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