Jorge Real’s doctor told how the journalist’s health continues and revealed when he can return to Argentina

Jorge Real’s health: “He’s recovering well”

“Jorge Real is recovering very well from the heart disease he suffered in Colombia and can soon return to Argentina.” This was reported by his personal physician, Dr. William Capuya who this Sunday traveled urgently to Bogotá and was able to visit the driver at the rural clinic where he is hospitalised.

“He had a complicated episode on Saturday, but the truth is he is recovering very well. He is being well taken care of and grateful for all the compliments,” the professional said in an interview with C5N. He added that it is a “first class clinic with incredible care” where he is accompanied by his daughters. . Rocio and Morena.

“I was talking with George, I was in the room with him talking for a long time. I spoke later with the doctors who treat him. Now I’m going to the hospital again to start thinking about coming back, what day it would be. It’s not that he’s going back on a stretcher, but in a week he can come back To Buenos Aires”, Capuya Advanced.

Regarding the driver’s health condition, the doctor said he found him “fine”. With the controls, obviously, but little by little it is getting less complicated and the development is very favorable.” He explained that the next step before discharge would be to move from intensive care to a common room.

“He’s on a coronary unit so he’s under more rigorous care, with multifactorial controls, but we talked yesterday about moving him to a common room and then being discharged back to Argentina. It’s a very good thing to bring peace of mind to the people who love him.”

“Within a week Jorge Real could be back in Buenos Aires,” Capuya said.
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Jorge Real’s idea was to take a few days off. For this reason, he left for Colombia last Wednesday and plans to return to the country next weekend, to resume his work in charge of Argenzuela, the Radio 10 and C5N course, the following Monday. However, everything got complicated on Saturday, when a heart condition prompted him to be admitted to the intensive care unit at Clínica del Country, in Bogota.

The first news about the journalist’s health was alarming. However, as the hours passed, it was learned that the riyal had stabilized and was out of danger.

“While he was in hospital in Colombia, Jorge had an attack of hypotension and after studies, they did an angioplasty and The stent was placed because there was a blockage in some arteries, and the problem was resolved.”. At the same time, the doctor calmed down and explained that Riyal was still under anesthesia. He noted that “he will wake up little by little and slowly get better”, as commented by Guillermo Capuya.

The professional also explained what hemodynamics is and how to perform it, which is the medical procedure that Riyal had to undergo after his cardiac compensation. It is a different process, as the chest is not opened to look for the heart. A tube is inserted through the artery and fluid is released allowing the entire network of coronary arteries to be seen. Through this study, it is revealed whether there is an obstacle in that path that one imagines, ”the doctor explained.

He noted that it is a common practice, but it should be performed by cardiologists who are well versed in the subject. In this way, the artery is exposed and the flow is allowed to flow back without problems, allowing for a good oxygenation. Fortunately, there were specialist doctors who acted quickly. “He was in the right place at the right time.”

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