Jorge Real came out to speak amid a media scandal starring his daughter Morena Real: “Today the priority is…”

In an interview with the program’s historian,afternoon(America, 3:30 p.m.), the driver said: “I have to think a lot about myself, about my health. I had a hard time, so now I’m looking for peace and a lot of peace.”

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He added:I don’t have any conflicts with anyone. I am resting and recovering. I am in a new phase of my life. I feel good and very grateful. I’m here.


Jorge Real chose to move away from his daughter’s controversial statements and go to Spain for a few days.

A few days later, last Friday, Jorge Real Share a photo from a hair salon with a blunt tip. In the photo, he is seen smiling in front of a mirror, sporting a new haircut and a neat beard. He wrote of the photo, “May any prepared storm catch you.”

status between Morena SR And Jorge Real It continues to generate controversy in the media, and the driver remains focused on his safety and prioritizing his health amid the controversy.

Jorge Real’s decision to move away from the noise of the media

In response to his daughter’s remarks, Jorge Real She decides to take a few days off abroad, to get away from the whirlpool of news. The driver is online Madrid SpainWith his new girlfriend, the writer Maria Del Mar Ramon.


Jorge Real decided he would spend a few days in Spain with his Colombian girlfriend.

Jorge Real decided to spend a few days in Spain with his Colombian girlfriend.

at the expense of Twitter from the program they to America TVphotos from Jorge Real He and his girlfriend are walking in the streets Madrid and enjoy their time together. These photos were met with harsh comments Brown woman on TV, which creates a stark contrast.

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Through his Instagram stories, the journalist shared the details of his trip and showed the places he visited Madrid. He seems to be enjoying his time outside and takes the opportunity to relax.

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