Jorge Martínez broke the silence: how is his health and what is his economic situation

Jorge Martinez breaks his silence and talks about his health and supposed economic problems (Video: “The Messy Boys”, Net)

Jorge Martinez He broke the silence and gave his version of the facts after it was revealed that he was living in theater houseHe was suffering from economic and health problems. The 76-year-old actor, who has an extensive national and international career, did just that with an audio recording he sent to the film’s production. occupied objectsThe program hosted by Carlos Monti for the Net Network, in which he confirmed that he does not intend to disclose details about his present, although he is responsible for responding to the publications that appeared in recent days.

“I have 17 calls, and 17 pending notes. “And I don’t take notes, because if I take one, I have to take the remaining 16 notes,” was the first thing Martinez pointed out. He also referred to his health and economic situation.I’m fine, I’m healthy. I am barbarian -confirmed- I don’t have any financial or health problems. So I’m fine. Thank you, I appreciate your kindnesssaid the actor who is a father Natalie And Agathaon his relationship with Graciela Gramago, and EmilianoBy marrying Janet marmoset Rodriguez.

In this way, Jorge Martínez has brought peace of mind over the releases that appeared a few days ago about his present, while he remains in the Casa del Teatro, hosted by Linda Peretz and her team of workers who take care of the actors who live there.

On the other hand, today is Friday Linda Perez – revealed the chairman of the board of directors of Casa del Teatro-V intruders that Jorge Martinez was living in a nursing home and described the actor’s condition as “cachuzo”. “He came here and started to get better little by little. He was bathed, fed, and pampered.”highlighting the work they do with residents located in the building next to the Regina Theatre, on Avenida Santa Fe Y Libertad.

Marcelo Paulino said Jorge Martinez lives in the Casa del Teatro (Video: “Argument in the Bar”, America)

A few days ago, it was the journalist Marcelo Pollino who entered Argument in the tavern He gave information about the difficult present that Jorge Martinez was going through. “He’s an actor we love very much, and I’ve interviewed him a lot over these 30 years. He lives at Casa El Teatro Because of the difficult economic situation, the inability to face reality and perhaps without the financial capabilities to go out to a place to work there”, the journalist pointed out at the course that Marcella Tenaire is conducting on the screen of America.

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His words were a reference to the case of the actor Pablo Alarcón, who works cheaply in Plaza Recoleta “to be able to live,” he said in interviews. “This was something I needed to do in my life. I don’t have a job at the moment in theater and it seemed like a very good opportunity because I have the time and also I don’t need to work at this point in my life. I confess to you: I don’t need to work, I need to earn money to live. The situation of the actors is deteriorating because there is no work. From us, from the cleaners, from the chefs, from the journalists, from everyone. The country is screwed. The misery has reached its limit. Don’t be surprised that I work on the cover. You would be surprised how bad the country is,” his colleague recounted in a recent interview.

In this regard, Paulino stated that Jorge Martinez “He and his health deteriorated slightly They struggle to do work on one of the squares in the middle of winter.” “I grew up taking notes for him, he was Veronica Castro’s husband at one point, Rafaela Cara’s husband. The great novels of this country have shoneThe journalist added, regretting the condition of the actor, who clarified in the past hours what his present was and brought reassurance to those who communicated with him based on that story.

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