Joe Keery Says Goodbye to His Iconic Hairstyle for ‘Fargo’: Here’s What It Looks Like in Season 5

Joe Keery will quit Stranger Things for a new role in season 5 of “Fargo.” (Netflix)

Joe KeeryRemember Steve Harrington? Weird things, she’s officially lost the most striking part of her ’80s look for the Netflix series: her lush hair. The decision was not of her own free will, but because she had to drastically change her look in order to fully immerse herself in her next role in the series Fargo, which will soon premiere its fifth season on television. Recently, new photos from the following episodes have been released, where you can see the artist’s new hairstyle.

At the age of 31, the actor has gradually managed to win the hearts of his fans around the world. Although his character in the Duffer Brothers-created fantasy started out as a rival, his charismatic presence and undeniable talent eventually made him one of the most likable stars in the cast. However, despite her skills, with each new season, her followers did not miss the opportunity to praise her long, obvious hair. So much so, that Kerry himself once commented on the world’s obsession with his hair, calling it “really silly.”

Joe Keery has been in every season of “Stranger Things”. (Netflix)

But as the sun sets on the Hawkins skyline for the launch of the fifth and final season of the series, Kerry You have already seen a new dawn in another fantasy world. Off The Upside Down, the actor is ready to shock the world with his next character FargoFX’s police anthology series which, after nearly 10 years on the air, is back again for its fifth season.

Fans got to see this transformation for the first time in photos of the series that were just released, and it has to be said that the change is more than noticeable. The look is even more impressive for fans of the hairdo she’s sported since her premiere Weird things in 2016.

A new look at Joe Keery in Season 5 of “Fargo”. (FX)

The popular FX series is preparing for its fifth season. This time around, the series based on the Coen brothers’ Oscar-nominated 1996 film, will be set in Minnesota and North Dakota in 2019. The plot will revolve around Dorothy ‘Dot’ Lyon (Juno Temple), a seemingly typical Midwestern housewife. . . However, fate will bring her back to the life she thought she left behind.

North Dakota Sheriff Roy Tillman (Jon Hamm), on Dot’s trail for some time. Described as an educator, preacher, and strong believer in the Constitution, Roy is accompanied by his son, Gator, played by Joe Keery. Gator, eager to prove himself to his father, is unfortunately more foolish than clever. As the story unfolds, secrets from Dot’s past begin to come to light, putting her family in danger.

“Fargo” returns this November 2023. (FX)
The series “Fargo” premiered in 2014 and continues to be broadcast. (FX)
Jon Hamm in the first photo of Fargo Season 5. (FX)

Amidst the chaos, her husband Wayne (David Rysdal) seeks help from his mother Lorraine Lyon (Jennifer Jason Leigh), CEO of the largest debt collection agency in the country. As tensions mount, Dot’s resilience and survival instincts are tested, reminding us all why a mother should never be underestimated.

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Fifth season of Fargo Opens November 21 in the United States through Foreign Exchange. The first four seasons are available at Prime Video for Latin America.

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