Joe Biden removed the strange “red button” Donald Trump used in the White House

Joe Biden took over the presidency of the United States a few days ago, and in addition to several decrees, he also decided to cancel one of the most unusual things of his predecessor. Donald Trump: A strange “red button” was on the president’s desk.

In 2017, the special fund that the Republican had ordered was discovered. It wasn’t for emergencies, nor was it to communicate with someone or unleash the country’s nuclear arsenal. He was to have his favorite drink, the famous “cola” flavor, in a lighter version.

Now he has disappeared from the Oval Office the new president of the United States occupied.

Details would have gone unnoticed had it not been for a Twitter post by political commentator and host Tom Newton Dunn, in which Draw attention to the device, which may look like a dreaded button to activate nuclear missiles He is in more than one movie appearing in the presidential office.

“President Biden Pull Diet Coke button. When Tim Shipman and I met Donald Trump in 2019, we were amazed at what the little button did. Finally, Trump pressured him and the butler brought him a Diet Coke on a silver tray. Den Books.

The message includes a series of pictures in which it was observed Wooden box with a small red button protruding And it’s right next to the phones Trump used, but that on Biden’s first day in the White House is no longer there.

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Spread The virus spread and many echoed to comment. Our favorite is from NanaFine, who requested it Twitter “What do you order? I’m raw pork. All day long, all the time, I never get tired.”

Among the most tempting options: toasted ham and cheese. Sebastian Solimo suggested: “Or Carlitos for those on the inside.”

During the administration of the Republican mogul learned this I used to order burgers constantly There are pictures with many options of one of the largest fast food chains in the world – and it was rumored that You can drink up to twelve cans of the famous cola drink per day. The former ruler was also not fond of physical exercises, although he did play golf.

White House reporters now confirm that Biden is also sharing a taste of soft drinks with his predecessor, and the catering provider was working with the new head of the newspaper. Washington Post Last year, Biden always liked to have the release in his wardrobe zero Of the drink, unlike Trump who chooses the option Light.

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